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    Immersive mods i think are the best. :))
  1. I'm lurking step guide for a few years, this is super honest job done here. Thank you for everything that you've done here. Well at least it made an impact on me for sure, thanks to you guys I'v played skyrim as it should have been done in the first place.
  2. I'm totally with you on this opinion about not being perfect in graphics, but better to look nice and smooth in general. Like for example Gothic 2 is so old and meshes of objects are squared most of the time, but game looks smooth and nice, everything blends so nicely you don't even spot that trees have 5-6 edged tree trunks. This step guide is great for making skyrim a normal game how it "should" have been. :))
  3. Wow! really thank you for so many screenshots. I see there is substantial difference in far away objects since last versions. I did this guide 3 times on 2.9 and 2.10 versions, now overall image looks more full and kind of no pain anymore to look far away.
  4. Can you share some images or video how it looks? Would be fantastic to see.
  5. Yeah... I wish I had this guide in any media possible, even text document.. ^^
  6. Almost everyday when I turn on PC, first thing I do is I check here. :D
  7. Hello akmatov :) I did this guide 3 times and I think I'm competent enough to answer you very simply. 1 question: just set both of them to "Application Controlled / Off" - it means application itself (in this case skyrim) will controll the filtering process not nvidia application. 2 question: so in first you allowed for skyrim to controll filtering right, now by setting ForceAntisotropicFiltering to TRUE you allow for ENB to controll filtering of skyrim, not skyrim itself will controll it. So yes ENBoost is needed even if you are not using Presets. It manages some other graphics settings also the antisotropic filtering. Long story short: in NVIDIA you allow filtering to be controlled by SKYRIM and later you allow ENBOOST to controll filtering. That's it. Why? Because probably ENBOOST is the best guy who can hadle filtering properly. :D I don't know ^^
  8. Hello. Legendary edition is skyrim + all dlc's that's right. There are two editions legendary and special. Special is newer one, it has few more graphics enhancements. Well when you are in the game just press Esc and in the corner you will see game version. If it's 1.9.xxx it means is legendary and if it's 1.5.xxx it means is special.
  9. Finally somebody answered this question because guide is really not clear on this... I did this guide three times, all of them took me a few days to do it. And always the end of the guide feels tricky...
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