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Unofficial High Resolution Patch (by Unofficial Patch Project Team)


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Just beat me to it :)


It seems to mainly fix structural errors (including the previous fixes) and apply UKSP fixes made to the previous HDLCs.


It's packed as a BSA/ESP, 58MB.


I'm guessing the best practice would be to unpack the 3 HDDLCs, overwrite with these files unpacked, then DDSopt/resize/package with BAIN as desired?


Here's hoping they caught most/all of the needed fixes.


EDIT: the unpacked BSA doesn't distinguish which textures came from which Beth BSA. I think it'd be easier if I just DDSopt/resize/packaged this with BAIN and load after the others.

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I've spent some time looking at the new UHRP. It replaces a lot of textures and adds some new ones, a number of which were generated as part of the USKP effort. It doesn't replace all of the textures that were provided in the HighResTexturePack DLC Tweaks and HD_Texture_DLC_Fix_v1_3b, but I checked the ones that weren't replaced by UHRP and those are replaced by one of the STEP mods that loads later in the install order. UHRP also adds textures (and meshes) that were not in the those two mods. I don't think these other two mods are needed any longer.


What the UHRP doesn't do is to fix some other problems with the HRDLC which were present in the original HRDLC and haven't been fixed in the new updated HRDLC.

  • remove textures in the HRDLC that are identical to ones in Skyrim - Textures,
  • remove textures where the same texture is in two of the BSAs (the effects directory in HRDLC2 is extraneous as it is just a partial copy of the one in HRDLC1), and
  • remove some of the textures and Bethesda workflow files in the new (and old) HR DLC that are never used and shouldn't have been there at all.
I'll provide a new batch file (based on the one we have been using for a while to repair the HRDLC)  in the DDSopt and Texture Optimization forum for those who want to fix the above problems. It will only fix these problems since the UHRP will now do the rest of what is needed.


By the way, I noticed a small error in the UHRP. The directory textures\armor\theivesguild should instead be spelled textures\armor\thievesguild . If you extract the HRDLC from the BSA (which I feel makes sense, in part at least because you then don't need the esp) then you can make this correction before archiving the HRDLC.

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Having just read this thread, but still not fully understanding everything that this new patch still does, I was hoping that it would render both the High Rex DLC Fix mod and the Bethesda Optimized HD DLC Pack (at least mostly) redundant.


Is this correct?

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It makes the Fix redundant but does not optimize the textures as Vano89 does with his mod.

Gotcha.  Thanks for the quick reply.


Will need to reactivate that one then and let BOSS mess with the load order.

By the way, this is addressed in the DLC section of the Skyrim Installation guide (which includes multiple options that use combinations of Vano's mod and some other optimization techniques) and in the HRDLC section of the DDSopt and Texture Overhaul guide (which discusses repairs to the HRDLC including the Unofficial High Resolution Patch as well as the use of Vano's mod).
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