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Re-Defined Dungeons WIP (by Gizmo)


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We have two active testers for the moment. Wormheart and Michaelrw. I'll also being helping to test here and there; however, michaelrw and myself are both in the process of switching to MO. MO is a superior product for testing purposes. So, wormheart might be able to do it; however, I don't know if he's using the right setup for testing. In MO you should have these profiles:


  • Vanilla/Vanilla Optimized (this can include all the DLCs and HRDLCs as optimized or unoptimized)(mine have been optimized using DDSopt)
  • STEP Core (only mods marked are active)
  • STEP Extended (all of STEP mods are active)
  • XYZ Profile (any personal profile and setup you want for playing the game which includes any non-STEP mods...this is for personal use and not for testing)

For textures, comparisons should be taken from Vanilla, STEP Extended, and STEP Extended+Mod being tested. This way a pure testing comparison can be made with extra mods enabled that could skew the results.

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I could use my vanilla skyrim profile and add the texture mods plus the unofficial patches and I'd be willing to do that as textures are easy to compare. However for strict S.T.E.P. mod testing I don't see myself doing it as I've spent a lot of time getting SR setup and adding my other goodies and would rather not setup another profile just for S.T.E.P. which is what I moved away from in favour of Neo's guide.


If you'd like to to do Texture comparisons I wouldn't mind especially since you're low on mod testers and their time could be better spent testing mods than texture comparisons.

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If you want to do the work that is okay by me. As long as it's as I stated above for textures.


Vanilla >> What mod STEP currently uses >> new mod being being tested


Shots for each setup should be of the exact same scene and shots should be a mix of close range and mid range so that the surrounding textures are captured as well.

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  • 2 years later...

The wiki page says  "If using the main file (2048x textures), hide or remove the candle textures as they conflict with SMIM. The recommended version (1024x textures) does not contain these textures and does not have this issue." This is not correct, both versions contain 74 files in textures/dungeons/ and 2 files in textures/dungeons/caves. and none of the file names contain "candle".

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