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Relighting Skyrim (by NovakDalton and JawZ)


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I wish I had more time to devote to STEP.


But I can say that Relighting Skyrim, OLSE, and Relighting Skyrim - Dawnguard all go together (or will eventually in the case of OLSE).


Been playing with RS and RS - D for a while and several lights are fixed. Nearly too many to name, TBH. Definitely way more than Enhanced Lights and Effects. Edit: Although the fixes done by EL&E are pretty nice, so there is that. But given how many lights are broke for ENB, I feel that quantity is better than quality in this case.


Again, just wish I had more time to test this stuff. Getting a private forum psyched and ready for Path of Exile open beta in 2 days has consumed so much of my free time somehow. D:

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You should look at the readme's I include in my mod RAR folders, it contains every cell I have altered the lights in ;)


But here is a rough estimate of the coverage of Relighting Skyrim Series;


Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton  - ~ 50% and with my RS - Update and OLSE for Relighting Skyrim it boosts the Skyrim coverage up to about ~60% I think.


Relighting Skyrim - Dawngarud Edition - 100% coverage for both exterior and interior.


Relighting Skyrim - Hearthfires Edition - 66% coverage for both exterior and interior. Just the main interiors left to fix.


I can upload detailed lists on every cell that these mods cover if you want to, so you can see for your self what it covers.

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Thanks for joining us. If you PM Farlo or me on the Nexus, we will get you your fancy username tag on these forums.


About your mod (and those like it). I really like most of the edits, but what kind of conflicts exist with RLwC 4.0? If they are complementary, great, and even if not, it is OK. I think adding a lighting "fix" solution is appropriate for Base STEP, and full lighting overhauls are great for a modular Pack add-on. Need to test how it all plays together though.

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Then I will do so :)



About RLO compatability as it is now these will conflict with the main Relighing Skyrim by NovakDalton and my RS - Update and OLSE for Relighting Skyrim;


RLO Files from v4.0.6


 - Major Cities - Interiors (Fully Complete Module - 156 cells) > This module as they call it changes lights so it will have conflicts in the major cities interiors alone. Not the exteriors though.


 - Illuminated Spells. (Fully Completed Module) > No incompatibility as this only covers the light emitted from the spell ahnds (Will need to check in the CK to be absolutely sure though)


 - Legacy weathers from RLwC 3.5 (We will release RLO weathers later down the track) > No incompatability as it changes weathers. This module alters the same things as RLwC did.


 - Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Dungeons (Currently does not include cell edits - imagespace modifier only) > No incompatibilty as they changes imagespaces only and not emitted lights. as of v4.0.6


 - Realistic Lighting Overhaul - Minor Cities & Town Interiors (Currently does not include cell edits - imagespace modifier only)> No incompatibilty as they changes imagespaces only and not emitted lights. as of v4.0.6


However the DLC mods from Relghting Skyrim will have no incompatibility's with RLO v4.0.6 nor with ELFX. And by the way the customization part for RLO 4.0 haven't been added yet ;) it will be released in about 2 weeks time if I remeber correctly.



And I will do 2 versions of my RS - Dawngaurd and Hearthfires mods. a base which is a simple shadow stipring, placement and radius and intensity fix for all the lights. And then a second version that adds clutter, FX and other detailed stuff to the parts of Hearthfires and Dawnguard areas.


And in the future I'm planning on adding a SkyProc patcher to the Relighting Skyrim Series that will let the user alter the lights intensity and radius to their own tastes, much like RLwC did for the weathers and imagespaces. But this is only going to happen if the SkyProc author Leviathan1753 adds some necessary code for the SkyProc Patcher to be able to alter the lights which it can't do at the moment with the latest v2.0.






Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton covers;


140 interior cells > Detailed list of those cells here. (I will clean it up a bit later on)


 exterior cells > Detailed list of those cells here. (Will update with a list here later on)



Relighing Skyrim - Update covers;


44 interior cells > Detailed list of those cells here.



OLSE for Relighting Skyrim covers;


144 interior cells > Detailed list of those cells here.



That is a total of 328 interior cells of Skyrim altered and with fixed lights and then  exterior cells and not counting in the the DLC RS mods in.

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I think this mod should be tested for inclusion into STEP - it corrects light source points (which are sorely messed up in vanilla Skyrim) and now, since version 4, supposedly covers all Skyrim locations.  It does not change the style of lighting like ELFX or RLO or an ENB.

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We're putting together an official lighting overhaul pack for STEP. It's in a Staff only thread right now though. It will be released separately from the Guide and Relighting Skyrim is a contender along with ELFX. This mod, on it's own, could be included in STEP as a standalone fix for the lighting tho. We'll see what comes of our testing.

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Just wanted to say, I use this mod and love it. It really makes a difference and once you use it the issues it corrects become glaringly obvious to the point where you can't go back. Plus it plays nice with ENBs that aren't built around a lighting mod.


However, if you're going to include it in STEP you might want to look into compatibility in the form of patches for some of the more popular town/city overhauls. I'm using it with ETaC and JK Cities and I get a lot of lights popping on and off. As far as I know, missjennabee, ETaC author, is working on a patch. However none seems to be forthcoming for JK. You will notice the issue most easily with the fire braziers in Whiterun. 


Even with that slight annoyance it's still worth it.

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We don't use these mods in STEP so those patches would be something the authors need to provide for their mods. I love the idea of this for STEP:Core and maybe ELFX for Extended. However, the rest of the STEP staff seems to be leaning to only having one lighting mod for the Pack. I'd like to see this added to Core and then the Pack simply have ELFX in it with instructions on replacing RS with ELFX or gracefully combining the two somehow as I've read some users doing this.

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