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Hectrol CAVES DELUXE HighRes Retex (by Hectrol)


What set of cave textures (in post #30) look the best?  

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  1. 1. What set of cave textures (in post #30) look the best?

    • Vanilla + HRDLC
    • Snow and Rocks Textures HD (current STEP)
    • Beauty of Skyrim
    • Hectrol Caves Deluxe

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Didn't see this one anywhere on the board, so I would like to go ahead and throw this mod into the pot. Been trying out random mods just for the heck of it and came across this.




It is a caves retexture that seems to keep decently close to the vanilla, while adding some better bump mapping. So far its been gorgeous inside caves.


Scene: Exiting Bleak Falls Barrow, immediately after the first word wall and obtaining the Dragon Stone from the boss draugr


Vanilla-HRDLC  >>  Current STEP - Snow and Rocks 2K  >>  Beauty of Skyrim >> Hectrol Caves Med. Res 2K

Posted Image Posted Image  Posted ImagePosted Image



Scene: a different shot just down the hallway from where the other shots were taken, still in BFB


Vanilla-HRDLC  >>  Current STEP - Snow and Rocks 2K  >>  Beauty of Skyrim >>  Hectrol Caves - Med Res 2K

Posted Image Posted Image  Posted ImagePosted Image


More compares on this post and the one below it:



Mod Testing:


  • Detailed comparison shots against Snow and Rock Textures HD (current STEP) and Beauty of Skyrim - Caves and Mines (Provided - thanks michaelrw)
  • Now, this is where the community comes in - which of the 4 comparison shots in this post looks the best? Vote on the poll above, and (optionally) provide reasoning for your decision.
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Alright, after looking at this in game I have to say I like snow and rocks hd better especially for caves that have mist/vegetation/water sources... makes no sense there would be ZERO moss where water/plants are present... the textures are great and I like them but they don't fit everywhere. This might be a good case for a partial use. :) Eventually I will have to look into which textures are better/worse for each case.

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If the mod is separated by location or could be (i haven't downloaded it or I'd check the file structure), then it would be rather easy to make a BCF or batch file to only use this mod in specific locations where the lack of vegetation wouldn't make too much of a difference. This probably wouldn't be for this upcoming release. I've already almost completed a batch file that will combine all the mods in the Conflicting Graphics section. I've stopped work on it until the authors die down on their updates a bit. Specifically SMIM.

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Unfortunately this mod is only 11 textures (cavebasewall01 through cavebasewall05 and their normals) and I assume they're used in quite a lot of places, so separating them by location isn't going to work. Someone want to post this thread on the mod's comment thread? Maybe he'll have something to say.

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Not sure if you guys were still considering this mod or what, but I took a couple comparison shots. This is basically Texture Pack Combiner which uses Snow and Rocks Textures HD compared to the same thing with Hectrol's installed over it.


Hectrol >> Snow and Rocks Textures HD


Posted Image Posted Image


Posted Image Posted Image


I think Hectrol's is a drastic improvement even if it removes the neon green moss. Hectrol's still has a slimy, mossy appearance to it without being overbearing. One thing that caught my attention is in the bottom right of the second comparison where the dirt meets the edge of the cliff. The transition doesn't look good for Snow and Rocks, but it's pretty well blended for Hectrol's.

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