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World Map - Skyrim Hold Borders


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I've seen this before and for me it doesn't really add anything into the game besides helping you avoid bounties which could be considered cheating in the right light. It might also help those who have faction mods installed. From my point of view, it's good for personal use but not for STEP.

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I don't see how it isn't lore friendly. Who wouldn't want to know the hold borders in skyrim? We all know, and need to know, the different county/city/state/country borders in our life.


First thing that came to mind when I saw this was the short movie in Lord of the Rings where the show the overview of whats happening. And you can clearly see the borders for the different lands.


I think it definitely adds a layer of immersion.

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The border lines are not that obvious to see. They are big though but also faded (in game at least). This is otherwise exactly the same map as recommended in STEP. With a couple of minor ini tweaks you can get rid of the clouds and have full 360 rotation.

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