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  1. I found a mod you could possibly add to your guide and since your already using his first aid kit re-texture I thought maybe you would like this one. Weathered Ammo Box by Kazeite https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1765/?
  2. Ya between vanilla and heavily modded it dosen't make a difference on the bug. There is still a delay with eather and the same amount of time it take for the weapon to actually appear.
  3. As far as I know this bug is only in Fallout 4. It also depends on how far in to the game you have gotten. Pretty much everybody that has this problem says its not there at the start of the game but the longer you play/farther in to the game you get the worse it gets. But also I have read not everybody has this problem. But more people do then don't.
  4. Ya also reading about for some people it gets worse and worse the farther in to the game you get.
  5. I was wondering as the title says anybody else have this bug? I know it has nothing to do with any mods people that run the game completely stock has the problem. And I know quite a few people have said useing the optimized vanilla textures mod helps a little bit but it still happens. As far as I can tell the best kinda fix is to when you run in to that delay open your pip boy for a few secs and close it. This pauses the game and gives the game time to load the textures.
  6. Is Bethesda favoring the consoles now or do they not like people modding there games now? I ask this for really two main reasons. Fallout 4 is one of their first games in a long time where they removed well more like hidden the file selection option and completely removed it in the latest patch in the launcher. And 2nd their beta patch and the retail patch both completely disable almost all plugin based mods. Or do you think their trying to hold all that stuff back until they release the official modding tools?
  7. A few things you can change in your ENBlocal.ini file to help. With AMD based cards you want to set the ( DisableDriverMemoryManager ) string under [MEMORY] to true. This might be your stuttering issue. And also Set ( EnableOcclusionCulling ) to false as that most of the time causes flickering on the world map.
  8. Yes the odd Cooler master PSU can last years. Just cuz the odd person has had good luck with a certain PSU dosen't make it a good brand. My personal experience I have had 2 Cooler master PSUs and both of them popped and both times taking my whole system with it. And this is also a general conseencis of cooler master by most people and most trusted reviewers. And when it comes to trusted reviewers that do quality reviews of PSU's there isen't much. And really the only guy i personally trust for PSU reviews is jonnyguru. He does real reviews on PSU's and thats all he does. Yes some are good. But the problem with cooler master is they switch there PSU OEM way to much. Even the same model with in the same year will have 2 to 3 different OEM's. You have gotten one of their odd quality OEM's. I on the other hand have gotten bad ones. But anyways Audley that system you have listed with DoubleYou's RAM recommendation is a solid quality rig and should serve you well for quite a few years actually.
  9. Most of what all has been recommended is spot on. But as most people actually over look it the most important part of a PC is the Power supply and don't skimp in that area. And sorry ahead of time z929669 but don't waste your money on a Cooler Master Power supply their garbage. They make awesome cases and other parts but there power supplies are usaully something you try to avoid. Here is a few quality brand PSU's to look over. Enermax, Seasonic, Silverstone, Certain models of Corsair, be Quiet, Certain models of EVGA, And when it comes down to CPU. I wouldn't worry too much between Intel or AMD. When it comes to real world performance and everyday general usage they both are pretty close to the same in performance. Don't trust most of the reviews out there as most of them use synthetic benchmarks and never look at the real numbers of how the CPU performs in most day to day real life performance. Or the performance difference between the two is so small you won't even notice any real difference. Also when it comes to computer hardware the old saying "You get what you pay for" actually rings pretty true. Like Video cards you try to spend the most your budget allows. Brands a personally recommend for video cards would be Gigabyte, Asus, EVGA, XFX, and Sappphire. Motherboards I would look at would be from ASUS, Or gigabyte. Both awesome quality and there customer service is awesome. Most other stuff like keyboards and mice and other things like that mostly comes down to personal preference.
  10. Thats the same way I go about mod troubleshooting. You can't be lazy when it comes to finding out what is causing your problem.
  11. I have taken a long break from skyrim but I am back. I have to say thank you to you. Your one of the reasons out of many really why this community/forums is so friendly and willing to help and also why its so alive and doing so well.
  12. In most games shadows and AA is one of the biggest impacts to FPS performance. AS does have a impact as well but barely noticeable compared to the other two. If not already I would try running shadows on High ensted of Ultra. You get a decent FPS boost using High but the quality is almost not even noticeable. And with AA try setting that at 4x ensted of max. Its the same with the AA setting as it is with the shadows. The FPS boost is decent with almost no image quality loss.
  13. I'm surprised people haven't through of these kind of programs/mods earlier. This makes it alot easier for people to get the Papyrus Compiler working properly especially for people that are nervous entering the command prompt and fussing about in there. Good work on this and the spINI.
  14. Wow this is awesome. It worked perfectly for me and also now I noticed lights and shadows are working alot better then they used to.
  15. Well I think I fixed my ILS problem. After installing the Memory Blocks Log to find out the memory tweaks are actually working. After reading around I added "-forcesteamloader" to the SKSE Arguments in MO and so far after about 2 hours of running around trying to find every loading part I could find and no problems so far.
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