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Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics by Megaloblast and Kojak747


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New weather ENB mod built on Natural Lighting & Atmospherics and Vivid Weathers, and it  look awesome. I love the crispness and the clarity.


Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics by Megaloblast and Kojak747


Info from mod page:

Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics (NLVA) is a weather mod built mostly from the assets of NLA, Vivid Weathers, Ethereal Clouds, and Mindflux snow. It is a fusion of arguably the two most impressive lighting and weather mods to ever be released; Natural Lighting & Atmospherics (NLA), and Vivid Weathers (VW). Although there have been many extraordinary weather mods, not one employs fog and rain effects as well as VW; nor has anyone else produced sunsets and sunrises as breathtaking as those found in Manga's and Kesta's masterpiece. In regards to NLA, for nearly two years now, no ENB author has yet to apply lighting and coloring effects as realistically as Confidence Man. As stated by Tapioks, the author of the first ENB preset to ever be released on Skyrim Nexus, "Natural Lighting and Atmospherics (NLA) is by far the most realistic lighting / weather mod available for Skyrim, rendering the most natural (and least video-game feeling) image possible. Confidence Man's employment of ENB effects and his sense of accurate color representation is unsurpassed."







Some features:

  • Performance - NLVA is a lightweight ENB with up to a 30% increase in performance from NLA while preserving visual fidelity
  • Compatibility - NLVA is recommended to be used with Frostfall, Wet & Cold, Audio Overhaul for Skyrim, and any lighting mod of your choice.
  • Incorporation of the ~50 most gorgeous and varied weathers from VW’s 500, distilled into Vanilla weather subrecords, and blended with NLA lighting
  • Incorporation and blending of our favorite cloud textures from VW and Gamwich Ethereal Clouds
  • Significant increase in sunset/sunrise color variety
  • Realistic temperature based atmospheric light scattering
  • - Pink-shifted lighting for icy winter sunsets
  • - Red-shifted lighting for warm or dusty sunsets
  • Gradated sunset horizons by proximal sunlight coloration
  • Black night skies to emphasize the bright cosmos and the black void of space
  • Dark yet navigable nights, with lighting levels based on cloud coverage and auroras
  • Immersive afterglow² allows for prolonged sunsets and daylight hours
  • Emphasis of rich blue skies with white and fluffy clouds in suitable locations
  • Balanced shadows to retain high contrast, yet with improved clarity of detail within
  • New particle snow adapted from Mindflux Snow - 3D snowflakes 
  • Whiteout blizzards optimized for performance via incorporation and blending of Vivid Weather particle snow, Vanilla storm snow, and fog effects. Snow storms are intense and feel life threatening.
  • Significant fog variety, with density adjustments to naturally blend volumetric fog effects
  • Optional Dark Fantasy or Heavenly Weather Systems plugins.
  • Realtime frosting in select weathers as an optional plugin (release date end of May or September 2016)



- Vivid Weathers. NLVA uses VW textures and meshes, however, you must deactivate or delete any Vivid Weather .esp files, including VW patches, as they will crash your game.
- The latest ENB binary



This mod is compatible with all lighting overhauls, unless they modify weathers. It’s also highly recommended to use this mod with Frostfall and Wet & Cold to increase immersion as weathers are more intense than Vanilla Skyrim.

NLVA is not compatible with other weather mods. Remember, NLVA requires Vivid Weathers to be installed for its textures and meshes, however, you must deactivate or delete any Vivid Weather .esp files, including VW patches, as they will crash your game.

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I seen this the other day and it does look very, very nice! My only gripe is they removed the added weathers from VW and basically only kept the vanilla ones (tweaked). This was for "quality" reasons and the quality is very good, but one of the great features of VW is the expanded weathers.

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I've been using this ENB for awhile and I am probably going to debate between it and VW

The only major complaint is the requirement of their esp, I like a wide range of variants.

Some minor stuff being not all ENB FX are supported like AO and the removal of the MCM


Here are some images

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