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  1. I know there are a few similar questions already answered, but I couldn't figure out how to do this myself. I've not been having any problems using SKSE through MO2 with my regular mods installed through the organizer. I know that ENB is not a regular mod, so I followed a tutorial which instructed me to copy all but the text files into my SSE directory, which I did. When I run SKSE directly from the folder, it works fine; the ENB startup text shows in the top left corner just as it should. When I run SKSE through MO2, though, it doesn't seem that ENB is even on. I read that this has something to do with "editing MO2's .ini files," but apart from locating where they are (I think) I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Do I just take any ENB files I'd put in SSE's directory and put them with MO2's .ini files instead? Do I leave some and move others? Is there some sort of editing I need to do? I feel like I'm going crazy.
  2. Discussion thread: ENB Guide by STEP Wiki Link This thread is for discussion and improvement of the ENB Guide on the wiki. Thanks Staynd for getting the guide started! Thanks to anyone who as contributed to the maintenance of this Guide! Updated OP (08/15/13) ~ TechAngel85
  3. I have followed the ENBoost guide, but the "Wrapper" version crashes on startup and the "Injector" does not appear to work. I can run the game with the "Injector" version but there is no ENB message in the top left corner and when I enabled the windowed setting, to see if that would change it, nothing happened. I assume that there is a process blocking it from running correctly, but I have no clue what it is. I searched the forum and this came up, but I do not have any monitoring processes running (to my knowledge). I was active here before, but recently got a new PC which is more powerful and can handle the modding, so I intend to install the STEP Extended. PC specs CPU: Intel i5-4690 @ 3.5GHzGPU: Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 970 G1, 4GBMoBo: Gigabyte G1 Sniper H6RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3PSU: Corsair CS750MHDD: Plextor 256GB SSD & Seagate 2TB HDDOS: Win 7 Professional, 64-bitDisplay: LG 42" TVAudio: Logitech Z906 GPU Driver: 347.09 Processes running on the PCSee attached. EDIT: I just saw that there is an ENB specific sub-forum, could a mod move my post to there? I was not able to find any solutions there though. :(tasklist.xlsx
  4. I'm following the STEP 2.0.0 guide and I just finished setting up ENB. The game worked perfectly prior to installing ENB but now the game crashes when ENB tries to compile shaders when running for the first time. I'm yet to run DynDOLOD and TexGen. Installing the ENB Light 0.98 Alpha 2 update file produced an error stating that the vanilla torch file was missing from the FOMOD installer stating that the mod might not work properly. Attached are my crash logs. System Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X GPU: RTX 3070 RAM: 16GB crash-2022-09-01-00-18-58.log crash-2022-09-01-00-19-33.log crash-2022-09-01-00-33-34.log crash-2022-09-01-00-47-08.log crash-2022-09-01-00-51-22.log crash-2022-09-01-01-32-53.log
  5. Heyas, I use the STEP ENB (light) and which looks good and works well 99.9% of the time. But sometimes, when I move from an indoor cell into Skyrim, the graphics turn dark blue (during the day) or black (at night). What I mean is, I can barely see the surroundings and lights are slightly more visible, but the screen is mostly a uniform blue or black color? This makes it impossible to see when you are going. Most of the time this is solved by going back indoors then back out. Yesterday however, I had to reload a save (not an autosave) to get it to turn normal again, losing progress. I haven't been able to reproduce this nor does it happen very often. I am just wondering if someone else is experiencing this and what could possibly be the cause? I know next to nothing about ENBs, so I am unable to troubleshoot this myself. I also forgot to take a screenshot of it. I will add one when/if it happens again.
  6. So I'm having this issue where ENB seams to break the "seamless" horizon provided by cathedral weathers. Doesn't seem to matter what ENB I use, no conflicts in Xedit however I have read on a few forums (STEP) that this issue seems to be present no matter what and the more detailed rendering offered by ENB can make this issue more noticeable. Also this definitely seems more prominent during dawn/dusk nor really visible during other times. I'm not sure if it's really a mod issue, or if it's just another one of those fugly bethesda seams that we all inevitably see. ENB doesn't seem to matter I always notice this on clear dawn/dusks. Any input or advice would be appreciated. (Issue is easier to see in game than in screenshots) Here's a link to a post I made on LL with screenshots. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/182711-skyrim-se-enbs-and-sky-mesh-issue/#comment-3631259 Load Order.txt plugins.txt Edited to remove formatting
  7. What the title says, pic pretty much shows it all. Using Silent Horizons ENB. plugins.txt Load Order.txt
  8. I just came upon this project. It claims to provide Vulkan support for older titles, New Vegas included which is quite interesting, seeing how Win 10 support for those older titles (especially D3D9 ones) has left much to be desired. And while I don't know much about Vulkan myself, I still remember (fondly) how my old AMD RX 460 4 GB was easily achieving 60 FPS on Doom thanks to Vulkan (go Team Red)! Basically, consider this a shout-out. I haven't used DXVK yet and I don't plan to use it in conjunction with New Vegas for the time being - but someone might be interested in it. It also supports the older Witcher titles, I know they have their followers on these forums.
  9. Good Evening everyone, So i've been playing for quite a while without ENB but now i've decided to try it out and see how it goes but i've a few questions and i hope someone would be able to help. 1. Do i need to Run LOD after installing ENB? 2. Do i need to re-enable (TEMP) - SSE Terrain - Tamriel - xLODGen and (TEMP) - Cathedral Landscapes before running DynDoLOD for the second time? 3. Do i need to run all the LOD generators or just DynDoLOD? sorry for my noob questions and thanks in advance. Regards.
  10. So I've noticed that rain drops appear black when falling over certain terrain backgrounds. From my own research, I can see that this is somewhat common, and people have said to install weather mods to fix this. The only thing is that I am using Snapdragon ENB, and the author says its incompatible with other weather mods. Is there a way to prevent the rain from looking black without installing other weather mods? I love this ENB, so I am hoping I wont have to find another one. I also don't want to just entirely disable rain in ENB.
  11. I'm trying to solve what seems to be a very rare issue Whenever I activate Enhanced Shaders in FNV, I have vertical lines on objects, which is very noticable and annoying at medium to close range. They appear on people, buildings, objects, guns, etc. They completely dissappear whenever I disable the ENB, so I am 100% sure that it is something to do with the ENB. I have already gone through standard troubleshooting, making sure in-game antialiasing and antisotropic filtering are disabled, etc, but the lines are still there.
  12. I have had varying results with different versions of the ENB binaries. For each I extracted Cathedral Minimalist ENB (I tried Rudy initially briefly and had similar issues) and from enbdev.com's ENBSeries d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler\_46e.dll to my SSE directory. For testing purposes I have the following mods installed: USSEP, SSE Engine Fixes, Cathedral - Weathers (requirement), and ENB Helper as I read it was recommended. According to Sinistar's guide: I have also installed Smooth Sky Mesh, and Particle Patch for ENB. In game I have disabled DOF, and using BethINI I have disabled ambient occlusion and AA is set to none. In My Documents Skyrimprefs.ini I have confirmed bDrawLandShadows=1, and bTreesReceiveShadows=1, bEnableImprovedSnow=0, and fGamma=1.0000 (are these possible to set with BethINI as if they are important I do not want BethINI to overwrite them when applying presets or recommended tweaks?). The only changes made to the enblocal.ini that came with Catherdral Minimalist ENB are EnableFPSLimit=true, FPSLimit=59.0. For each ENBSeries I have been trying various combinations of BethINI AA set to none/TAA, EnableEdgeAA=true/false, and ShaderCache=true/false. I run SSE on my Ubuntu 18.04 system using Steam Proton with Glorious Eggroll's Proton-5.8-GE-2-MF. GTX 970, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5 4960K, and a G-Sync 1440p 144hz display - the game is working remarkably well with mods in general up until this point. v0.423: Black screen starting game with warning top left about if taking too long to set ShaderCache to false and enabling shader cache in video driver settings - I did check NVIDIA X Server Settings but I could not find a shader cache option. After about 30 seconds the warning disappears and black screen remains for 5 minutes with music playing before I kill the game process. skse.log, skse64_loader.log, skse64_steam_loader.log. When I open Vortex after this it warns script extender plug errors were detected, and that enginefixes.dll encountered error code 998 though I can see EngineFixes.log was not modified since late last night. Next I backed up my Skyrimprefs.ini so SSE would generate a fresh one and on starting the game the shader cache warning appears, black screen, then for a split second the Skyrim logo with no menu, and then black screen with music. v0.341: My backed up Skyrimprefs.ini restored. Black screen on starting game but without the warning top left. Main game menu loads though there is ghosting when trying to navigate to load my save and then the game screen goes black briefly and crashes. I backed my BethINI Skyrimprefs.ini up and loaded the game to let it generate the default. This time there was no distortion, and the game got as far as the loading screen with the progress bar about 1/3 complete, where there is a character image and a gameplay tip at the bottom right of the screen. Then it crashed. I have searched and not been able to find a solution. Please tell me if there is anything you can think it would be worth trying? I am really hoping to get this working but if it is just not going to work I am open to mod suggestions that would work well with a lot of Cathedral Concept mods and not hit FPS too hard.
  13. I have an issue that's been plaguing me regarding water. Regardless of the weather or water mod, when the weather is overcast the water has dark streaks in it, the water mist is dark and it generally looks like pollution. Depending on the intensity of cloudy weather, it can even turn black. The water itself is clear, but the effects on it (foam, mist) are hideously murky. Besides that, I've also noticed that certain fog effects become dark in the same manner, including some dark snowflakes. I tried troubleshooting this issue various times and found that many other people experience it, but no one has found a solid solution so far. I've often been given an advice regarding ENB settings, something about particles, light influence and ambient influence. The thing is, I don't use full ENB, but merely ENBoost to enhance the performance of my game. My laptop can't bear the brunt of full ENB, so I've never used it and I its settings aren't familiar to me. Besides, ENBoost on its own seems to lack most of those settings. In enblocal.ini there is a setting UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true. If I switch it to false, I can see ENB effects in-game. I can open ENB console with Shift+Enter, but I can't use it. I have two cursors and both simply ignore the ENB console, clicking on things in the game, pulling out my weapon and swinging. I should also mention that I'm using a controller to play. And even if I switch to the keyboard via in-game settings, nothing changes. So I have ENBoost which is not actually full ENB and I don't know whether it can help at all - even if I manage to access it, and I have polluted water which I can't get rid of no matter what I do. If anyone can help, provide guidance or advice, please do.
  14. Hi, can someone help? I have recently started modding Skyrim SE. I have successfully installed Rudy ENB SE, which I love. Whilst in game I am able to access the ENB EFFECT shader parameters and make a few tweaks to the lighting levels etc. I cant find out how to save the changes, so I don't need to re-tweak every time I play the game. In the left hand window I am thinking there are two possible options: Either click the box that says ... 'Some changes require reloading (apply button)' or click the box that says 'save configuration'. I'm not sure what the first option means, but didn't want to click the save config button as not quite sure what configuration refers to. As I said, this is all new to me, so would appreciate some help. Many thanks. Malcolm.
  15. Hi, Maybe this is normal behavior, but I wanted to check with others anyway. I've followed the S.T.E.P. guide V0.2.0b succesfully and played some time in-game. Everything is working fine as expected and I started looking into ENB's (which can be awesome but are fps destroyers). When playing without an ENB I get around ~100 FPS in Whiterun and ~157 FPS in interiors. When playing with an ENB, however, I get ~40FPS in Whiterun. I installed iiENB and turned of FPSlimit and Vsync in the ENB settings to no avail. My specs are: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 TiIntel i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz16GB RAMGame installed on HDDI know ENB is very heavy on the system, but is ~60 drop in FPS considered normal?
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