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  1. OS is fine, that was one of the things I tried finding out if that was causing problems first. It's notably just Skyrim that has this issue, I can use the keys otherwise fine. Quote does work for people, it used to for me, but now it doesn't and it's annoying because if you're looking up a specific item in the console, say an Iron Greatsword, you can do (help "iron greatsword") and it will show up the specific item rather than you have to do (help iron #) because the console doesn't understand words with a space between them when searching.
  2. I've noticed when using the console that at least 3 keys don't work or do the wrong thing. The quote key '/" doesn't do anything, =/+ don't either, and line & forward dash key \/| does ] instead. I have little idea what could be doing this, googling the issue says that some keyboard from outside of the US register differently but I've got no idea why this would happen to me. Does anyone have an idea why this is going on and how to fix it?
  3. Is it okay to install the update since it along with Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes' because of the forwarding from USSEP? The STEP guide uses an older version of the patch so I'm a little confused.
  4. Discussion topic: Security Overhaul SKSE - Lock Variations by powerofthree Wiki Link SKSE file that turns the default lock into different kinds based on what you're opening; Dwemer, Falmer, Snow Elf, Apocrypha, and snowy chests/doors. Looking at it I feel like I might actually manually open locks now instead of using autopick, haha. There's even an addon already which adds even more, including locks from other mods like VIGILANT.
  5. The STEP CR patch lists Book Covers and Lost Library as masters needed for it to work but I'm using LotD which includes both Book Covers mods in it already. Is there a way to make so the STEP CR patch uses LotD as the master for it instead of the Book Covers mods instead?
  6. Getting back into playing and this is my first problem I have run into doing STEP. The only backup I see in xEdit Output is Dawnguard, do I put that back in and have Steam redownload the other DLC's? The cleaned files in the Data folder of Skyrim SE didn't have any changed dates so I don't know it they registered getting cleaned or not.
  7. For the antivirus I have the entire hard drive as an exception since it's solely used for videogames, so I don't think that was it. So far MO2 has killed my motivation to play two games because it deleted all the mods I used for them. Years of finding mods that I can't remember the names of down the drain because the program decided to act schizo and not give any warning.
  8. Forgive me if I'm mad as Hell about this but this is the second time MO2 has ****ed me over completely with no warning. The first time was about half a year ago. I started up Fallout: New Vegas and there was some leftover things in the overwrite folder that could be safely deleted, I checked them to make sure. So I proceeded to delete them but noticed it was taking way longer than usual. Turns out that MO2 decided to connect the mods folder to overwrite without telling me and I deleted all my mods. And now, as of 5 minutes ago I get this problem. I feel like playing Skyrim after trying to make it work a month back, figured seeing if it will play nice this time. So I click on the MO2 shortcut and an error message pops up saying "Failed to create "F:\MO2 Skyrim SE\Mods". Your user account probably lacks permission.". I wonder what the Hell is going because that's the first time I've seen that message before so I go to the MO2 Skyrim SE folder and click on the original .exe file. It comes up with just the DLC, no mods. So I check the mods folder and it's ******* empty. This is the second time MO2 has pulled this random ass **** out of nowhere. I have no idea what caused this. The only explanation is that MO2 itself has some severe problems that have been missed or are just showing up now. If anyone could give an explanation as to why it's acting this way or if I can somehow figure out how to get my mods back I'd greatly appreciate it. Edit: My profile is gone in addition to most of the executables. It's like it decided to reset itself.
  9. Starting a new game I'm unable to pick a race or even make a character when the character creation menu is supposed to come up. It doesn't even come up at all; Hadvar asks me "Who are you?" and immediately he treats me as if I'm a Nord. There's no menu or hardly even a pause, just asking me and giving the Nord lines right after. Any idea at all what could cause this? Mods are the obvious answer, the one that came to mind was RaceMenu but I'm not seeing anything on Nexus or Google saying it gives this issue. Edit: Opening up the console and using showracemenu allows me to make my character but now I'm coming across a problem where when it's time for me to get my head lobbed off the script doesn't fire or something. I can't move my character and everyone stands around. I can still open up the console and the esc menu but nothing else.
  10. Alright, so I've finally been able to sit down and attempt to start up a game. So I have a related question to this since I thought about it; is it possible to change the STEP patch to use LOTD instead of Book Covers since LOTD already has Book Covers in?
  11. Great, thank you TechAngel. What do the references in the STEP patch help with with Book Covers by the way?
  12. I want to ask if there's a way, or if it'll cause problems with the patch, if I can remove or modify the dependency of the Book Covers mod with the STEP patch. I don't use Lexy's guide for LotD but I do use LotD which add Book Covers to itself and I want to know how to know how to make things compatible. It's been something like a year since I last played Skyrim LE and I've never touched SE so I'm a bit out of touch regarding opening up SSEEdit and changing things around. I've been wanting to get back into playing Skyrim since the latest update to the STEP guide but it's reminded me how much of a pain it is setting up your mod list, haha.
  13. It's more "doing this on top of that" for me that's stopping me. Plus I'm lazy, so I add that as well. I've got a load of mods that I use besides the STEP guide and between finding out if I have to convert them or if there's already a converted version already is a hassle. The downloading part is me still having a regular account with nexus that caps my download speed. I figure once STEP 3.0 is out I'll take the plunge and buy me a premium account so I don't have to deal with taking more time downloading all the mods from the guide.
  14. I confess that while I've wanted to try out Skyrim SE I didn't want to have to redownload all the mods again but mostly because looking for them and the mods that I use would take like a solid day. And that's not including if the mods I use aren't available for SE and I'd have to port them over, which sounds like a pain. I think though with STEP 3.0 that it might get my ass in gear to move over from LE.
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