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  1. What video card do you have? Nvidia or AMD. Two different brands would use totally different configuration programs would they not? ;)
  2. Back a bit, there was an update of SSE by Bethesda and it wasn't safe to do it because of breaking mods. Is that still an issue or can I go ahead and let Steam do its thing now? :)
  3. Thought this was kinda cool. :D https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5836
  4. Really want to start a new play-through using your guide, but I'm waiting on a few mods to be officially ported. Amazing work so far guys. :)
  5. The guides aren't loading for me right now. Anyone else getting this gateway timeout thing?
  6. Is this a full fledged guide now or are you still just tweaking?
  7. Remember reading a few pages back about Minty Lightning book causing this. Dunno. Might want to see if you can find the post using the search option. :)
  8. Wow. You guys have been busy in my absence. Gonna have to try the YASH guide when I'm done with Enderal. Looks like the perfect set up. Nice work.
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