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  1. @DoubleYou, @Greg, @z929669 I fixed the compares in the OP. I can see them much better now and since it's easier to switch between them, I can say I'm still for Lightside. For the reasons it's closer to vanilla, it's doesn't wash the Tundra in too much brown, and it matches the stone in structures better.
  2. From the compares there is hardly a difference between MM and Lightside, however, Darkside is definitely too dark. I will likely need to load up the game for the other two, but from what I can see (that site is not good for comparing) MM blends too much. Things are getting too brown. One thing everyone always forgets are the structures made of the stone from the land. If the stone on the forts and whatnot doesn't match the rocks on the land, then it's a no vote from me every time. That mismatch is too big an oddity for me to look over. It always surprising me how many don't even see that detail.
  3. Wow...aren't you the one that asked that I shrink my image sizes for this stuff? Don't know why you didn't just use the forum like normal. I was going to walk away to allow it to load but have to click through all 16 pages and wait for each to load...don't have time for this right now. I'll have to look later. EDIT: There is also no labeling on the images so what is what? I think it should be okay to tell in this case, but I wouldn't use this service again.
  4. Looks like they did forward USSEP, so it should be good to use. It would still be nice to get the original updated to do away with all these reuploads.
  5. Hmm...they same it's the same as the old besides the Event switch-out. I wonder if they updated it for USSEP? That's mainly what the issue was with the old one. I actually have a fixed version (USSEP, not the event change out) and a message out to the original author (who seems to be MIA).
  6. We could go with pure RS as we always have. The merged version will still have the same issues I stateded...you simply won't need to download WS anymore.
  7. DynDOLOD has always included this. The compare is on the Nexus page.
  8. I could do that, yes. I wouldn't say there is anything holding me back from doing that, but ethically, it's a bit...eh...only because it bypasses the original mod, which is opted-in for DP. I suppose any forks would do the same things, so why not.
  9. WS is a completely different style than RS. I wouldn't even be supporting it with RS if it wasn't being considered for the Guide. Looking at the plugin in the CK, I would say the mod is far from done from what I know of what they were doing and planning (which is probably the reason the Beta came along). That means we'll get this mod's style in some places, but not in others. From that, I say we just ignore this one until it matures or is picked up by someone else. Step could pick it up for our Stewardship Service, but I don't think I would care to work on it. I already have RS that I help maintain and I have a lighting mod of my own. It's been a WIP for some time now (just haven't worked on it in forever).
  10. I use the Miscellaneous File and have the brighter maps, no enhancer, no fader, no patches. If this mod isn't complete, then I don't see the point in adding it when there are going to be missing interiors. The mod does have open permissions for expansion/continuation by another user...
  11. I've been using the same. Just means I'm going to need to work on RS until the compatibility is fully there.
  12. @z929669 Which version of this were we looking at? The new beta or v7.7.5? This will determine the version of RS that we use.
  13. I vote we accept this one, if the parent mod is accepted.
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