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  1. I thought this was suppose to get set up to where the symbols auto-populated via CSS? @Majorman I notice that you're posting some new mod pages. If you use the boilerplate, copy and paste it into "Source". This is the first button on the Editor for you. You can then copy and paste from Nexus into source the filler information for the mod topic being posted (what I do). Else, after you copy and pasted the boilerplate you can click the "Source" button again to use the Editor's GUI. If you don't do this, (copy and paste into source), the formatting will the off because the forum's default for line breaks are new paragraphs.
  2. I'm good with this as long as the Changelog is updated so that we can review changes. If anything needs to be reversed before release from a review of the changelog, then it should be fairly easy. Obviously, if the change isn't trivial it should be discussed.
  3. Starfield E3 Trailer Watching Bethesda's Starfield E3 video confirms three things: Starfield release date: 11-11-22 (they like that date...) Xbox exclusive (likely for the PC too, but possibly only via Game Pass; unconfirmed) "Creation Engine 2" is confirmed (new CK) The video is "in-game" footage so if you didn't pay attention go watch it again and look closer at everything! They're giving us a look at what their Creation Engine 2 can do (likely maxed out). Starfield will be the first release on their truly next-gen engine, and that detail is amazing! Now take all that and imagine ES6! The thing about the "Xbox exclusive" detail (and all the optimized for Xbox Series S/X talk in their showcase kind of support this) is what the Xbox Series S (digital version) has for a graphics card roughly compares to a GTX 1060. So if these games are optimized for this, then that is impressive. I would have at least expected to need at 2000 series card for that level of detail. Of course, much of that could be marketing and you only get that level of detail on the Series X, which is closer to a GTX 3060. (...is it just me, or does the launch command voice in the beginning before the video starts and towards the end sound like Todd? His will be the first voice you hear starting the game...haha!)
  4. It's a level list for all clothes and the chef stuff is clothing, so I would say it should have upper and lower parts. All of it.
  5. That would have been an add from a mod someone that the file isn't actually being included in the Guide because it's in the Patch. Obviously this one needs some addressing as you point out. It's not forwarding everything as it should.
  6. https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Project:Mod_Topic_Boilerplates
  7. One thing to note is that there are several edits to the Patch that aren't covered by any obvious mods because those things were incorporated into to the Patch by incorporating either 3rd-party patches or mod. These are only included if permissions allow or we specifically sought permissions from the author. Other things may have come from the result of dropping WB, so all leveled lists and such are handled by hand. Also keep in mind we only incorporate mods that are plugin-only. If the mod contains assets (textures/meshes/extra) they belong in the Guide. I would have to see this to know what it's from. It could be a leftover from something or from an incorporated mod. If there is a mod that does the same but is better, feel free to change to it. Full version was removed on purpose. We desire the Lite version for the Guide (see comment below about user choices). Fine with this too, as long as we get those permissions to incorporate and it's plugin-only. Leveled list stuff come from various mods and not all options will be within the Guide or installed by the user to see those conflicts (because it was incorporated). I'd have to see it to know what it is. It's sounds like you're making a ton of CR patches for "choices". There aren't "choices" in the Step Guides anymore. They are meant to be installed "as-is". Gone are the days where we catered to various setups. Now it's all or nothing. Which is why there are only two Step Patches and no more. If users want to deviate, they're on their own. If they want the "Step experience", they can install the Guide as is. Keep this in mind because we don't want 15 patches for various user setups...which sounds like what you're doing?
  8. Guide is designed for mouse and keyboard (pure PC). Gamepads are never tested in an official compacity. We used to call this out, but it hasn't been an issue in a very long time. Perhaps it should be mentioned, again, though I think it would be obvious with all the mods added that have key binding options since you're not going to be able to do that with a controller. I only use a controller for certain games, Skyrim is not one of them.
  9. I have removed that argument from both Guides since it seems to be a point of controversy. The gamemode arguments are included because we don't know if users are installing fresh or coming from another game. So if a user already has xEdit installed from FO4, they don't need to install it again. They can just launch it using -SSE or -TES5 (not -TESV), then xEdit will load for that game regardless if the EXE is named for FO3Edit, FNVEdit, SSEEdit, etc.
  10. You may not have completed the elements for the quest, or if you have Not So Fast - Mage's Guild installed, then that will slow things down and stop them from happening. If so, go sleep in your bed in the college for a night to see if anything progresses.
  11. I agree with your assumption that it would fall under copyright law, if no other license is provided. If license is provided, then do whatever it says you can do (varies by license). I would only link to such sources if they are provided by or approved by the author. That is the only safe way to going about it. Anything else and you're in the gray zone approaching the line, imo. With recent court cases around sharing things like this (Nintendo and such), I would think it best to simply avoid it.
  12. Figured I would share my initial thoughts after 15hrs of gameplay... From playing the first start sequences and mission are the changes from the original game apparent! The cutscenes, texture enhancements, effects, and lighting are in your face as constant "oh wow" moments that grab your attention away from the gameplay. Before all that, though, lets set a few facts on the table: Most of the work is not "new", it's new to the game Older games now support DX11 Devs confirmed a lot was "backported" from existing ME3 We know the devs, more or less, "imported" the old games into the updated engine used by ME3. Doing this automatically gave them access to all of DX11 features, as well as, allowed them to easily recycle ME3 assets and effects into the older games. Evidence of this is in some of the textures and enhances throughout. However, whether the changes are new, recycled from ME3, or a result from the old games ported to a newer engine, all are very welcomed! First are the controls, HUD, and character creation. All have been recycled from ME3. However, this fixes a couple of the nagging issues when playing the original series in a row...the controls and HUD changed from game to game, forcing users to relearn them, and the character transition wasn't great. These changes from game to game were natural as the developers honed these elements over the series. Backporting them from ME3 was a smart and welcomed move by the developers. Users should experience a more seamless transition of character and gameplay from game to game now. The movie cutscenes are very well enhanced from the originals and showed more quality than I was expecting. They are definitely closer to a HD quality, as I haven't seen any that would be true-4K. The cutscenes are, however, every well upscaled and the re-rendered lighting is an added treat! That lighting alone adds more depth and makes them feel new, even though they are very familiar. The biggest attention grabbers are the new textures and lighting. The textures are done pretty well overall. The updated landscape textures are noticed right from the first mission. Everything from clothing to walls looks better and slightly more modern. However, there is still plenty of reason to use the popular M.E.U.I.T.M. mod. It would be ideal for the author of M.E.U.I.T.M. to offer a lighter version for Legendary users since many of the new textures appear to be 'on par' with M.E.U.I.T.M. while in-game. Character textures definitely go to M.E.U.I.T.M, though. The new vanilla textures are a great upgrade, but M.E.U.I.T.M. is just cleaner, sharper, with more detail regarding characters. On the other hand, textures such as weapons, tech, stations, structures, etc., could easily be provided by the vanilla game without real noticeable loss in quality vs M.E.U.I.T.M. This is heavily helped along by the new lighting. The new lighting is noticed even before the new textures simply because of the intro in the Normandy. A lot of users that replayed ME1 would use ENB/ReShade to get better lighting, but these could only do so much. With the new default lighting, there is really no need for these post processors in order to get an enjoyable, realistic experience. Nonetheless, need and want are two different things, and coupled with the move to DX11, ReShade presets are already readily available. Specking specifically, the bloom is just right without being overpowering as it was the in the original. Many lights and effects are volumetric, which adds to the ambience while walking around environments. The AO is good for the amount of ambient lighting, though, die-hard fans of AO will say this is lacking. Shadows were a complete mess in the original and they still aren't perfect in Legendary, but are still a vast improvement over the original game's. Reflective surfaces are awesome with SSR-like reflections on the ones where it's really noticed. Water is one thing not mentioned much in reviews, but it has had a good bump in quality and effect. Finally, the renewed/added climate/skys are beautiful combined with the new "godrays", which manage to capture the attention. Overall the lighting greatly enhances the experience and realism throughout the game. The Mako. Everyone remembers the beloved, physics-defying, wonky Mako. Well the Mako is still a bit wonky, but far more tamed than it was in the original. The vehicle behaves like it has some weight to it now and you get a small sense of gravity pushing it to the surface. The one real complaint may be a subjective one, but tying the steering to the direction the turret is pointing makes for some unnecessarily odd combat situations. There is still room for improvement here, but overall the Mako is no longer (always) hilarious to drive around. Another noteworthy enhancement went into particle effects. All manner of particles look vastly better in Legendary vs the original game. Explosions, impacts, smoke, splash effects, fire, and even the dirt from the Mako's tires looks more realistic and modern. Magma covered planets are much more pleasing to look at with the new smoke effects, glow from the magma, sky textures, and lighting. I haven't gotten to ME2, yet, but ME1 has almost been like a new game thus far. It's definitely worth the replay!
  13. Yep, that's exactly what was done for DynDOLOD Resources. Logically one thinks it would be in "Resources", but that's not really what "Resources" are for. Resources are mods that can be used by authors to expand functionality in some way. These are APIs and Frameworks that authors plug into. Typically these are mods that don't actually do anything on their own. With this in mind, DynDOLOD Resource is one part "Resources" and one part "Foundation". It's Resources because it contains files that help DynDOLOD process LOD. It's Foundation because it contains vanilla assets that should be overwritten by the majority of other mods. Since it could be put in both and it needs to overwrite a mod in Foundation, its chosen placement is "Foundation". I hope that explanation helps to understand hope choosing a mod group works. @z929669 I'm fine with these proposals.
  14. Well, that was my plan for the LE Guide since it didn't make sense to try to stretch our small staff over two of the same games right now. If Darklocq wants to continue with LE development and desires that to be the SkyrimLE Guide, then I'm all for its continued development. The easiest thing to do would be to mirror the SE Guide, as much as possible, and fork from it where required (like the LW/ENB/LOD sections). However, if the desire is to go outside our Mandates, then that would be appropriate for an unofficial guide using our framework. I'm cool either way.
  15. I'm fine with this, but Editors don't have permissions for the Guide stuff, unless you changed that. Only staff-level of "Step Staff" (now call Step Admin) and higher have only ever been those with Guide-level editing permissions; not even the Super Mods had these permissions. I think the name we naturally went with for those staff doing the Guide stuff was "Curator" or "Guide Curator". I don't think any of it was set up on the Forums or wiki, though. Just need to create that member group. "Editor" was left over from the CMS. I like curator better than editor. As for the LE Guide maintenance, I wasn't planning on there being any more versions of it, no. The only maintenance I was going to do was what is being done by Darklocq, it seems, which was "routine maintenance" for instruction updates (for new versions of mods/tools), patch updates, no new mods would be added, old mods only dropped if they were no longer available....those sorts of things.
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