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  1. 1st and Most Important is the Setup - https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:SystemSetupGuide After a very quick look at that video I agree with Mercury71. Obviously you must have WINRAR or 7-ZIP. After downloading the latest version of SKSE unzip to a folder. Delete the SRC folder, re-zip the DATA folder and name it SKSE64 (or SKSE64Data if you prefer). Leave MO2 off. Move the skse.exe & 2 DLL files to your Main SSE folder where the Skyrimse.exe/Skyrimse_loader.exe is located. Now open MO2 and click the 2nd button up top on the left "Install a mod from another Archive" and find that Data folder we zipped "SKSE64" and install it then tick the box. Click on the Gears symbol on the top bar (blue and green) and Mod Organizer 2 should've seen, installed, and done the work for you by adding it as an executable. It will show up in your drop down list on the right side and is the ONLY way you will launch Skyrim SE from now on. Watch Gamers Poets, Gopher, Sinitar gaming, Pred caliber, Hodilton etc etc on YouTube for tons of info for modding and mod installations and setups. Don't worry about installing an ENB & Preset till you've got it running smooth with no CTD's or STD's. And always always always 1 more! ALWAYS backup your Vanilla SSE install folder under (Secondary Steam Library folder) Steamlibrary2/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition... right click and only Zip the "SkyrimSE folder" zip that sucker for later use. Name it SSEVanilla or something you can easily remember. In my Steam Library 2 folder I only keep Skyrim and Skyrim SE for ease of use and on another drive away from the Windows drive.
  2. The STEP Guide has always been my "Go To" for years now. I've tried others, but even if it's used as a base model for heavier modding it's great. Informative especially after I actually started reading and following more closely. I used to like my old AMD 7950 SLI setup but after discovering ENB I'll never go back. I use ENB presets from firemanaf. Of course system specs dictate its use or not. NVIDIA Profile Insp I've never used much. For the last few modding sessions I've been adding Pfuscher's Parallax textures after your textures section. It does overwrite quite a bit of course. If I see a redundant mod I will delete it since I assume that's just less the program has to deal with. BethINI has been a wonderful addition imo also. Even after a lot of run throughs I'm still learning, getting ticked off, then learning more. In fact one question that has many views upon search is where to add Falskaar/Bruma etc. I have been sticking them between Resources and Foundation. Thanks to the ModDevs, Software Devs, and STEP Guide personnel my knee has almost healed and it's made Killing Dragons Great again
  3. While I sincerely appreciate the hard work that goes into these programs, sometimes I'd love to kick somebodys ass. My recommendation is NOT to use this or DynDOLOD if you have really modded your SSE with even the best extra textures and/or added new lands. Almost 4 ******* hours later only to sit there blinking using 1.6GB of RAM still. But doing nothing for another 30 minutes till I said **** this. In over 3 years of modding LE and SE I've only had either of these programs work correctly a few times. And it looked nice but not worth the ********. My MO2 mod folder is only 78Gb. Small beans! It was stuck on arnima.esp Goddamn ******* Bruma **** *******
  4. TechAngel85 Thank you for continuing the STEP program. I've done multiple installs and variations over the past few years. Always works well once you FOLLOW the directions and your learning curve gets better. Between the Mod Creators and programs like STEP a crap game can become something amazingly fun and pure eye candy.
  5. Nice big fat juicy list but why is there no mention in the beginning to advise (and remind) the modder to clean the original ESM's and install, nor any mention of installing the SKSE64 Data folder as a mod? Or installing Skyrim Performance monitor, DLL plugin loaders, Creation Kit Multiple masters fix or custom ini, or the cool tool from STEP Bethini? The "advanced users only" warning is great but I'm curious why the basic of basics aren't listed. Thank you
  6. Finished loading Extended (minus DynDOLOD) with Organic ENB and Crimson drivers. Works and looks very nice. Max VRAM 2700'ish while even inside Jorvaskar or whatever it is. Good job to the mod authors and those that deal with our noobness frustration lol (Also I had 2 other worlds- Falskaar & Wyrmstooth installed during the process)
  7. If us English speaking gamers are having comprehension problems then I can't imagine what it's like trying to translate then decipher the Guides instructions. I honestly gave it up and now I'm learning more by making and breaking the games with mods of my own choice based from the Guide and other mods that sounded interesting but yet have no serious conflicts. So stay with it and you'll get there dude. Maybe make 2 profiles so when you get severely frustrated like I did then you can game and kill to cool off. Then mod some more afterwards when your feeling better (If I had done this I wouldn't have come on the forums and raged enough to get a language use warning lol). Last I will add that whenever I did the Core+Extended through the Guide the last STEP Compilation mod was incorrect in guessing I had only the Core installed and would not install correctly (at least 3 times). Happy modding
  8. Very cool and Thank you. After my relocation I will try the Guide again soon.
  9. Got'r going on the modding,,, and now an old boss from Boston waants me to fly out to work all winter. Can't hunt Dragons if I do that! LOL I did make seperate folders for the Guide core and extended install like you said to limit confusing this old man Thanks
  10. A wee bit bigger than the original 9 Gigs lol Doing a fresh 'nilla install right now to get ready for dot 2 base I found all of ThirteenOranges' mods in a 7z file, you have it or need it? *Nice fubar when I deleted the whole Steam folder instead of just Skyrims ,,, ctd ctd ctd lol ,,,and still ctd, jeezus I'm gonna go to walmart and choke out somebody ::
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