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  1. The function of this plugin has been fully ported over into Engine Fixes, so it is not needed. The SKSE folder in AOS should simply be deleted.
  2. Skyrim Realistic Overhaul causes shiny grass on a number of the rock piles scattered around Whiterun. Hiding the offending Normal Map fixes the problem. As you can see, removing the normal reverts the game to use the vanilla normal, which removes the awful shine. There are no obvious oddities caused by mixing the SRO texture with the Vanilla normal map texture and they seem to blend well together. After I A/B the images show that the grass seems to lose some bumpiness, but that might be do the the sun light changing positions between the two images. It's not a huge loss regardless. Better they be a little flat than look like the grass is covered in oil. An easy fix. The texture is found in in your Skyrim Realistic Overhaul mod; "textures/architecture/whiterun/wrfieldgrass01_n.dds". Right-click and HIDE.
  3. The newest releases of the xEdit create Cache date for plugin references. It's essential for faster plugin loading when launching xEdit as xEdit doesn't have to rescan for references from previously scanned plugins. In MO2, these files get dumped in the Overwrite folder forcing you to always having to clean them up by deleting them (not recommended) or transferring them into a mod folder (recommended). Here is a tip to help keeping new files from dumping into the Overwrite folder in MO2. Create an empty mod and rename it "xEdit Cache" (alternatively "SSEedit Cache"). Activate the newly created empty mod in the mod menu and place it under the Extenders separator (I place mine under the SKSE data/INI install). Open up your Modify Executables, select your xEdit executable install in the left pane. In the right pane checkmark "Create files in mod instead of overwrite (*)" and then click on the dropdown, search and select your xEdit Cache mod you just created in the dropdown menu. Now click on the Apply button and then exit. Now whenever you open new plugin in xEdit, all it's cache data files will be dump into the xEdit Cache mod folder instead of the overwrite folder. Make sure to always keep your xEdit Cache mod activated. If it is not, MO2 will give you an Error telling you the designated write target is not enabled. If you get this error message when trying to run xEdit in MO2, simply activate the mod to get xEdit to work again.
  4. Well, let me revise this a bit since I did not make it to the end of the guide yet. UniqueBorderGates-All-PointTheWay.esp does not need to be convert since it is already converted to Form 44. The only complaining I got from Wrye Bash is "masters have been reordered" which will get fixed at the end of the guide. https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DarkladyLexy/Lexys_LOTD_SE#.5BUnique_Border_Gates_SE.5D
  5. I noticed that you direct people to run an ESP in the CK whenever Wrye Bash complains. You can fix this so much easier in xEdit and takes less than a minute to complete. Wrye Bash is complaining about the Master File load order. If you launch the troubled ESP in SSEEdit, you can simply right-click on the troubled ESP in the left pane and select "Sort Masters" and it's all done. Just close and save the file. WB will not complain anymore. No more need to ESMifying the Master files and waiting five minutes for the Creation Kit to load the plugin, and then then Un-ESMifying the Masters again after you are finished with the CK.
  6. RoyBatterian (mod author of the FNV 4GB Patcher) has suggested not to use the Heap Replacement in FNV Stutter Remover. It is buggy. He suggest to just use the sheson NVSE heap patch. He also included his own Heap Patch in the FNV 4GB Patcher and is more efficient than NVSR's Heap Replacement and using the Heap Replacement in NVSR overwrites Roy's Heap replacement. So the Heap Replacement should be turned off in NVSR. Dirty Weasel also confirmed this in his brand new FNV Modding Tutorial for the FNV 4GB Patcher (yes, he is back making Bethesda Modding Tutorials); - https://youtu.be/7Q__-aDjBkw?t=9m6s
  7. This is some Fallout4Custom.ini settings I use that you might consider adding. [General]SIntroSequence=0 (Disables Bethesda intro videofChancesToPlayAlternateIntro=0 (Disables random SPECIAL video intros)uMainMenuDelayBeforeAllowSkip=0 (Disabling the Start button delay timer on the start menu)sStartingConsoleCommand=cl off (Turns off the artificial lighting on faces and bodies. Best for Darker Night and Interior mods) These next settings dim the Power Armor Pip-boy brightness making it much easier on view and read. [Display]fPipboyScreenEmitIntensityPA=1.2500 (default is 3.0000)fPipboyScreenDiffuseIntensityPA=0.1500 (default is 1.0000) This one is optional: [Pipboy]bPipboyEffectColorOnLight=0 (forces the Pip-boy lamp to always be white light no matter what color you choose for your Pip-boy interface) + This setting is good for people that like to use darker color settings on their Pip-boy display but would also like be able to to see with there lamp, or just want there lamp to be the classic white light, like in Fallout 3 and NV.++ This setting is not necessary if you are using the INI tweak that replaces the Monochrome Pip-boy interface with a clean Colored interface. Instead you can use the Pip-boy color sliders in the games settings to adjust the Lamp color to your liking.
  8. Here is some Fallout4Custom.ini settings I use that could possibly benefit your guide: Under "[General]": SIntroSequence=0 - Skips Intro/Logo video. fChancesToPlayAlternateIntro=0 - Skips S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos. uMainMenuDelayBeforeAllowSkip=0 - Removes the start game delay on the start screen. sStartingConsoleCommand=cl off - This value automatically runs a console command when the game starts up. This command specifically turns off the Character Lighting (aka Fake Lighting) and can be used as an alternative to the ENBoost setting for those that prefer not to use ENBoost. You can also run multiple console commands on the same line when by deviding the commands with semi-colons. For example: "sStartingConsoleCommand=cl off;tgm;bat xxx" will run these three console commands automatically when the game boots up to the start menu. I realize that those are already tweaks being made using the INI tool you recommended (which is no longer available on the Nexus, btw), but I would recommend just adding these to the Fallout4Custome.ini for future convenience. The reason why is the the Fallout4Custom.ini file is not altered or changed by the game engine in any why. You can uninstall Fallout 4 and then reinstall it later and run the launcher multiple times making changes and as long as you do not delete the Fallout4Custome.ini file then it will always be there unchanged. You never have to bother with adding these changes again at a later date. This is also an optional alternative setting for the Pipboy that can be suggested, based on that persons personal taste and preference: Under "[Pipboy]": bPipboyEffectColorOnLight=0 - Makes the light act like the classic Fallout 3/NV light where the screen color does not effect the Pipboy light color, by making the light white. This line is useful for those that still use the default Pipboy monochrome screen color/effect. Now a person can make their Pipboy screen a Velvet Blue and still be able to see in the dark with there Pipboy light. This tweak is not required if you are using the "bPipboyDisableFX=1" tweak, but it still can be used in conjunction just in case a person would like to enable the Pipboy Display Effects back ON again but would still like the bright white light from their Pipboy.
  9. May I recommend Fast Travel Double Face Fix by troybayliss to be added to the collection of fixes. The major difference between this Double Face Fix and the one that comes in the Unofficial Patches is that this one uses a script that requires OBSE that automatically fixes the faces on fast travel, verses casting a spell which sometimes does not work if your followers are scripted to leave you after you complete a part of a quest. A good example would on the main quest fast traveling with Martin and the Priest from Weynon Priory directly to Cloud Ruler Temple. The spell from the Unofficial Patch will not work on them giving you a message that they are not a follower, unless you can get them to come off of there horses before you reach the temple. Trybayless's Mod addresses this issue and fixes them automatically after fast traveling. The only bug that the author addressed in a post on his mods nexus page is that if the Player Character has a Detect Life ability, the shader is lost on the followers after the Script is applied. Truly a small price to pay for to fix a terrible bug in the game. The author also stopped modding Oblivion so any future updates to OBSE could potentially end this fix. However, it still works so, why not include it in your guide?
  10. OK, I thought I was posting this on the SR:LE forum. I don't know how it ended up here. You can lock or delete this topic. Sorry for the mistake.
  11. I ran across this small texture mod recently, when browsing Skyrim Nexus Latest Files section. I think you will be interest in this because it includes textures not covered by any texture mod, including the official high res texture pack. There are only three textures that are not needed which are the three wine bottle textures that are already covered by the superior RUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION. The textures are a much needed upgrade to the various beer and wine labels, upgrade the horrible 512 vanilla textures to 1k or 2k options, and will compliment RCC perfectly. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65365/?
  12. I've been using "Invisibility Eye Glitch Multifix" by jimkaiseriv, which is essentially a mash-up of both Mesh and USKP fixes. The mesh fix completely eliminates the bug, but the downside is that it doesn't work on any of the NPC, it only works on the Player Character. The scripted fix works on both PC and NPC but can cause a brief visual disruption to the PC when the script activates. This mod is the dual solution. It apply the mesh fix which prevents the bug from ever happening to the the player and therefor only runs script for the NPC.
  13. All three Unofficial Patches have recently been updated. The most significant change being UOP v3.5.2b which no longer includes the "UOPS Additional Changes.esp" as it was finally merged into the "Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp".
  14. Just a little suggestion regarding BSA extraction within your guide. I don't know if someone has already mentioned this, so sorry ahead of time for being redundant, but I would suggest enabling the BSA extractor plugin in the MOs settings. With this plugin enabled, during a mod installation, MO will pop up an option to extract the BSA file, but only if one exists in the mods package. Even better, the most current versions of MO will automatically make a backup of the BSA after extraction, placing the BSA within its own backup folder inside the mods install file. No more needing to do all this extra work extracting and backing up the BSA files. MO will do all the work for you.
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