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Simply Knock (by Chesko)


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Simply Knock by Chesko



Simply Knock is the first feature-complete mod that allows you to knock on locked doors of houses in Skyrim. If anyone is home, they will answer the door! You can then flex your speechcraft skills in order to get them to allow you inside. If someone inside is a friend, they will always permit you to enter.

All house doors in Skyrim can be knocked on if locked, as well as some businesses where people live (farms, stores, etc).

If you need a quiet place to stay the night, or want to visit someone you know at odd hours, just knock on the door like a normal civilized person. Also useful for checking to see if anyone's home before you commit your next burglary.

The goal was to make a very simple, lightweight, no-nonsense mod that had a place in almost everyone's game, regardless of mod tastes or playstyle.




Chesko never ceases to amaze me.

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This seems like a really neat idea. The wait menu might see a lot less use! Also would be pretty useful for burglary purposes, as Neo says.


Edit: Simply Knock overwrites some PapyrusUtil files. Will this affect anything in a STEP install? Description page says to load it after other mods that include PapyrusUtil files (of which STEP has none, besides PapyrusUtil itself). But what about other mods that use PapyrusUtil, such as DynDOLOD? Would we have to disable this for DynDOLOD generation?


Also, does anyone happen to know what other mods in STEP use PapyrusUtil besides DynDOLOD? Or if there is an easy way for me to find out myself besides reading all the mod pages?


Edit 2: I'm probably reading too much into it. I'm just going to put it last in priority order before the patches and see what happens. I'll try DynDOLOD to see if it throws any errors.

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For anyone using this or know what to do, what do you do with the files in the overwrite folder that this mod makes? I deleted them once but they comes back so I don't know whether to keep on deleting them or if they're important.

I dragged them to the Simply Knock Mod folder and let them merge with the existing files. That seems to stop them from returning to the overwrite folder. I've done the same with all SKSE plugins that do this and it usually solves the issue, at least until you start a new game.

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