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  1. 4046 or 4Gb ram, this was in reference to the 4Gb cap that MS placed on all 32 bit applications at the time I made that post, I'm not sure if it is still applicable now or not. There is nothing concrete to support either side of the Xfire/sli debate, the only fact I can seem to find that validates any part of this is the fact that multi card setups are known to be quite costly and getting a single card to be of equal or greater VRam and power is most likely going to be cheaper. It's an old post but it explains a very small part on crossfire, perhaps SLI is the same Crossfire in Skyrim My knowledge on this has waned significantly in the recent years since I have not touched Skyrim in at least 2 - 3 years now and have lapsed on what the new techniques and options are which are now available to users.
  2. Hey DoubleYou, does Bethini have a setting for Fallout 4 users who use ENB like Skyrim does or does it not need it
  3. So with regards to Fallout 4, are the following Fallout4.ini tweaks even viable iNumHWThreads=x (x=number of threads on cpu) bMultiThreadedAccumulation=1 (some sites suggest turning it up to 8, others say put it at 0) bMultiThreadedRenderingUNP=1 (same as above) Does anyone know if the HWThreads line is useful and/or working and more importantly what changing the other 2 settings values do ?
  4. Updated a few days ago but have been so busy I forgot to say thanks, so appreciate the heads up.
  5. Be good to know what your opinion of Vortex is after you've had a good run through with it Tech. I would have grabbed it but I know I can't dedicate that much time to fully testing it out the way the team wants.
  6. Geofferic, take screenshots to show what your doing, it might help clear up any confusion that is floating around, and it'll ultimately get you more accurate help if people know exactly what steps you are taking.
  7. I'm not sure I agree fully with the message edit timer because sometimes things change and you need to update after the 15 minute timer has expired and you then have to bug a mod to edit your post for you, it just seems unproductive to me, but it's not my place to say really, Just wanted to get my opinion out there.
  8. That to me looks like a lighting issue with your ENB, I get the impression that your SSIL (Screen Space Indirect Lighting) might be the issue here, best way to work out what the main contributor to the problem is would be to load your game (even in the lal cell if you like since it won't make any difference whatsoever (this is an ENB problem not a regular lighting problem (at least not in this specific case)) Start by going through the -[EFFECT]- window in the in game gui and disable all the options one by one, if the problem persists after disabling the option, re-enable it and move on to disable the next one, When you find the culprit just navigate down to the settings of the effect you disabled and expand them, then re-enable the effect and tweak it until the colors better line up with what you would ideally want to see in your game. I hope this was helpful to solving your ENB lighting issues
  9. Awesome news, thanks for the screenshots Airbreather, I seriously cannot wait for this to hit the mainstream windows update line.
  10. Here's a couple I found Paucity Exiguity I don't know if they'll be of interest to you but they both have the meaning of "The scarceness of"
  11. Yeah of course, Instant invite link without expiration found right here https://discord.gg/9T7JX5J, there is many other discussions on going as well.
  12. Speaking of fixing the CK, if anyone knows how to reverse engineer and decompile the code there are a few of us trying to fix the CK for modders everywhere, any help is appreciated. This started on IcecreamAssassins Discord channel and continues to be debugged there when we are able. Your input is widely appreciated in helping us find a solution for it.
  13. I've found a set of ENB Lut's that I would like to add to my current enb but I want to have them changeable in the enb gui in game but I don't know how to, if you know how to code this could you help me understand it please. ?
  14. Just an update to let you know I managed to fix this issue, I was making one very simple mistake, using higher resolution tint mods and trying to export them in CK so removing the tintmask folder while I exported allowed me to circumvent the problem and have a perfect outcome.
  15. All normal maps are tangent, with the exception of the body which is Model Normal Space and all correct tags are applied in Nifskope, I have done things like this before and never had any issues it is only with this one custom companion that this problem even occurs and I cannot fathom out why that would be.
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