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Jewels of the Nord (by Pfaffendrill)


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Discussion thread:
Jewels of the Nord by Pfaffendrill
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High resolution texture replacer for rings, amulets, and necklaces in skyrim. The detail looks very nice. The mod author says they have contacted the author of higher-poly skyrim for permission to use their work, so he may be retexturing for the higher quality meshes in that mod. 

Available in higher resolution, which uses 4096 and 2048 res textures, and low resolution which is universally 1024. 
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Quick (and I mean quick) comparison shots:




Jewels of the Nord > Vanilla (STEP doesn't have a mod that changes the necklaces)

Posted ImagePosted Image



Jewels of the Nord > Yuril's (with JotN's meshes) > Yuril's (with vanilla meshes) > Vanilla (with JotN's meshes) > Vanilla (with vanilla meshes)

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image



I'm using the official HR texture pack for the vanilla shots.


Jewels of the Nord includes high polygon (HQ) meshes for the rings, the difference is night and day.

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I would pose a question though. Is the fine detail that's in the JotN rings even possible with Skyrim blacksmith technology?

The same could be said for all of the rings including vanilla. Rings are made with molds aren't they? Pretty easy to make a detailed mold I would think.

Molds... This is a fair assessment. :thumbsup:
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Definitely liking this one as a replacement for Yuril's' date=' although the bands are a little thick.[/quote']

Thick? All that gnome-beer must be messing with your eyes. They're round that's what!






Making the rings actually round should warrant an automatic inclusion. And Yuril's doesn't improve necklaces.

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I think I'm going to have to try out these in-game. In the screenshots, I don't care as much for the color in JotN. They look flatter and less metallic than Yuril's, and the gold is a bit too yellow. I prefer the design though, and the mesh is a huge improvement.


Someone in a different topic pointed this mod out: https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/2054 which includes ring meshes.

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Worst case scenario you could instruct users to just install the meshes.

Jewels of the Nord includes meshes for all (8) ring types, both ground objects (go) and regular object (as seen on the player character I presume).

Higher-Poly Skyrim includes meshes for 4 ring types (plus one generic 'ring' I can't identify) but only the ground object.




JotN > Higher-Poly Skyrim

Posted ImagePosted Image


JotN's meshes appear rounder.

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