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Crime Overhaul (by chinagreenelvis)


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I've just thought the same.


"Getting away with crimes is now more challenging: guards who make the remark "Wait... I know you" will force the player into dialogue. (Violent crimes will get the "stand fast" dialogue.) Depending on your options, exiting this dialogue may be considered resisting arrest."


"The greeting distance for all NPCs has been greatly reduced so that you almost need to physically bump into a guard in order to be caught."


Could conflict with that STEP Bashed Patch entry, wouldn't it?


Other than that, very interesting mod. While testing my STEP and later REGS builds, I've again noticed that the bounty system is really off. 50 bucks for stealing a top notch horse? Paying my immense fines - and still get forced to the prison just to be let go again immediately? This is just dumb.


Would be nice if someone skilled could look over the mod and check it for compatibility. I've just seen that it is compatible with GDO at least and that NARC is even recommended.

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The sheathing feature is excellent. Major lore points for removing townsfolk's capacity for murder. Based on a cursory peek in xEdit I see no conflicts at all. It's a small mod, mostly just dialog and gamesettings edits.

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