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  1. Yep, as I suspected, the two are almost identical. The only significant difference appears to be some added areas that I assume cover NSFW areas. So yeah, it looks like for STEP, the vanilla and UNP textures are functionally identical
  2. Hi all, I just got to the character section of the 0.3.0b guide, and I noticed it recommends installing the "Vanilla" version of the FAR Argonian textures, which I thought was odd because I noticed the guide also recommends the "Vanilla Body with UNP Textures" mod. Would it not make more sense to install the UNP version of the FAR textures? Does it not apply because Vanilla w/ UNP doesn't touch/effect Argonians, or does it not matter because UNP and vanilla are close enough?
  3. Yeah 1 to 0.05 looks very good. 10 to 0.5 should look just as good, I'll test that next. That's a digit away from the defaults. I think that must have been what beth started with. I guess they either made a math error, or perhaps they, like whoever chose the step values, didn't like how the shadows looked and sped up the transitions.
  4. I always thought the STEP recommended settings looked terrible. The philosophy of "well it's bound to look bad so let's just get it over with quickly" does not jive with me. Skyrim is such an immersive experience, and the one thing that was consistently killing immersion for me was these ridiculous sun shadow transitions. My philosophy: "let's try to make it look as realistic as possible with the smallest performance sacrifice". I recently tried: SSUTime: 0.25 SSUThreshold: 0.005 (10 times per second) It looked great. The visible transitions were gone, the sun was simply crawling across the sky like real life. The only shimmering I noticed was on the anti-aliased edges of stairs. A small price to pay for 0 immersion breaking transitions. For someone playing at a resolution higher than 1920x1080, that shouldn't be noticeable at all. Now I'm going to try: SSUTime: 1 SSUThreshold: 0.05 (1 second)
  5. I'm not wild about this one. There's too much cart dialog. Vanilla has a suitably solemn start, a few moments of silent contemplation while you the player take in the scenery. With this mod your wagon-mates jump right into it the moment the game starts, before the fade in has even begun in the SSE version. They're awfully chatty for POWs on their way to their execution. Tullius and Elenwen are way too loud. They are twenty feet away from you but it sounds like they're yelling in your ear. And while Ralof calling Elenwen a "thalmor *****" is lore-friendly, it's immersion breaking for me. The Hadvar voice acting is top notch, though, gotta give em kudos for that. I don't recall my experience with Helgen Keep, but I think it was less invasive than the cart scene additions. The author basically admitted to squeezing in as much as possible. I think a much more conservative approach to this sort of mod would be more my speed. I think most of what Beth cut didn't add anything, so it was a good idea to cut it. I do really like the Elenwen conversation, but it's much too loud. If it was a quiet easter egg only the most observant players could eavesdrop on, that would be a big improvement.
  6. Ah yeah, tried this with the sse version of blocking animation pack. Same problem. 0 anims for 1 mod.
  7. Are you using sse anims? The animation format changed in sse. Read this: https://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/4633-skyrim-se-things-to-know-when-converting-standard-mods-to-sse/
  8. So I am converting a copy of Inconsequential NPCs to SSE. I have successfully saved the main plugin with CK and now I have to do the same for the Cutting Room Floor patch. My problem is, CK places the CRF patch higher in the LO than the main plugin. The LO CK is using seems to be based on Date modified. So I have managed to work around this by editing the patch in notepad (now it is the most recently modified file). Just figured I'd post this anyway in case this helps anyone.
  9. Good to hear! I tried to use NMM recently and it was not fun. MO really changed the way I mod.
  10. I have actually had no problem using bethini because i installed modorganizer into my skyrim special edish folder (the way step tells you to install MO1). Downside to doing this is I can't use MO2 with any other games. I tried setting up portable installs in both the FO4 folder and the SSE folder, but that didn't work. If I tried to launch either it would launch the most recently installed. So now I'm not playing Fallout 4. Not a big loss IMO.
  11. https://wiki.step-project.com/Farmhouse_Chimneys#Recommendations says to pick CRF in the fomod instructions, but that there's no need to in the recommendations?
  12. XCE is missing that's the one recommended by the STEP. IMO none of these are realistic. Skyrim is a land without skincare products where dry winds chap lips and leather skin. honorable mention to better females, than one looks straight anime.
  13. This mod gives Ulfric shouts +1 lore If I'm not mistaken it also gives every draugr a basic shout -1 lore?
  14. The sheathing feature is excellent. Major lore points for removing townsfolk's capacity for murder. Based on a cursory peek in xEdit I see no conflicts at all. It's a small mod, mostly just dialog and gamesettings edits.
  15. I like that they're smaller. the books font is quite nice, but the handwritten is a bust imo. This probably isn't lore-friendly. Do the bookbinders of skyrim have access to printing presses?
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