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Understandable Draugrs (by Pandora)


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Understandable Draugr (by Pandora)


Mod page description:


Ever got curious about what the Draugr keep saying every time you fight them? 
This mod adds English subtitles to the Draugr dialogues.  You can finally understand what they are saying!

(If you open the Draugr's dialogue properties via Creation Kit, you can see that Bethesda's developers have inserted commentaries explaining the meaning of each sentence the Draugrs say. I simply inserted those translations into the subtitles themselves. In other words, these translations are 100% official.)




This is one of those little oddities I'm fond of. I had no idea those noises the Draugr make conveyed actual meaning (though in retrospect, lore-wise it stands to reason). Armed with this little mod and the copious application of subtitles, I'm able to understand the insults they're hurling at my character. Or perhaps ignorance is bliss. Your mileage may vary. Whether it's worth the extra esp (though easily merged with nearly everything) is open for debate.


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This mod doesn't make sense. Yes it's a simple mod, but the language the draugr are speaking is the dragon language which the PC doesn't know so a translation doesn't make since from a roleplaying perspective. This is backed by the event at Kynesgrove's. Alduin and the other dragon talk, but you can not understand what they're saying (it's not translated). Furthermore, Alduin speaks to the PC saying, "You don't even know our tongue do you?".


So...It doesn't make sense for STEP to add this as it breaks away from the original intent and breaks about 4 of the Mandates in the process.

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