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STEP Recommended MCM Settings


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There are quite a few mods in STEP, especially Extended, that make use of the MCM. Since a few more will be added to the next update it would be a good idea to start making recommended settings for those mods.
Some mods have MCMs that will need reviewed:

  • Auto Unequip Ammo
  • BFS Effects
  • Come Together
  • Complete Crafting
  • Convenient Horses
  • Deadly Spell Impacts
  • Dual Sheath Redux
  • Dual Wield Parrying
  • DynDOLOD - No changes needed
  • Enhanced Blood
  • Factions - No changes needed
  • Footprints
  • Immersive HUD
  • Lanterns of Skyrim - Already have recommended settings
  • Lock Overhaul - Already have recommended settings
  • Minty's Lightning
  • Not So Fast - last update changed default settings to something that might not need adjusting for STEP
  • SkyUI
  • Thieves Guild Requirements
  • Timing is Everything - Lots of different quests to discuss for this one
  • Trade and Barter - Already recommend not turning it on, but that might need a review
  • Wet & Cold
  • Wonders of Weather

Mods in testing that will need settings:
  • ESF: Requirements Only - A lot like Thieves Guild Requirements

Below are screenshots of the default settings for each mod.


Color Code:

Light Grey - settings yet to be determined

Green - settings finalized

Orange - settings finalized, no change from defaults

Strike Out - MCM template has been integrated into mod page with determined settings


All information has been moved to the wiki page here: https://wiki.step-project.com/Project:MCM_Recommendations


Currently the page is still in development so bare with us until we get it completed.

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  • 4 months later...

Recommended settings for MCM would be very much appreciated as it's difficult to know what some of the settings do and it would be time consuming to research them. As usual I'll prefer to use STEP recommendations so I can get on with playing the game.


::D: bring em on boys :thumbsup:

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For ease of reference, these are the MCM recommendations which STEP currently gives in the individual wiki pages:



[spoiler=Trade and Barter]

Download and install the Hearthfire version of the mod and activate the .esp, but do not click "start mod" in the MCM options.





[spoiler=Lanterns of Skyrim:]

Mod Configuration Menu
In the MCM settings for Lanterns of Skyrim, STEP recommends changing following settings:

  • Check every
    • Default: 5 secs
    • STEP: 60 secs
      • This will change how often the script checks the lanterns. Increasing this will prevent the script from running so often.
  • Enable lanterns along roads
    • Default: ticked
    • STEP: unticked
      • This will disable lanterns along the roads in Skyrim which returns those area to a more vanilla and lore-friendly state.





[spoiler=Lightning During Thunderstorms (Minty Lightning):]

Mod Configuration Menu
In the MCM settings for Lightning During Thunder Storms (Minty Lightning), STEP recommends changing following settings:

Lightning Config - Fork Lightning Options
  • Hostile
    • Default: unticked
    • STEP: ticked
      • This will make the lightning strikes that hit the ground hostile. This means they can hurt you, NPCs and creatures. This is more realistic. If you don't like this, leave it unticked.
  • Frequency Delay
    • Default: 5 secs
    • STEP: 25 secs
      • This will reduce the frequency at which these ground strikes occur. STEP has increased this setting to provide a more realistic feel. The new setting will produce approximately one strike every 25 secs instead of one strike every 5 secs.

Leave all other settings unchanged.





[spoiler=Auto Unequip Ammo:]

Mod Configuration Menu
In the MCM settings for Auto Ammo Unequip, STEP recommends changing following settings:

  • Follower Addon
    • Default: unticked
    • STEP: ticked
      • This will add the mod's functionality to your followers as well.





[spoiler=Dual Wield Parrying:]Mod Configuration Menu
In the MCM settings for Dual Wield Parry, please note the default key (V) for blocking when dual wielding weapons. You may change this if you like. Make sure the Mod Active setting is ticked or the mod will not work.




[spoiler=Lock Overhaul:]

Mod Configuration Menu
You must activate the options in the MCM for Lock Overhaul or the mod will basically do nothing. If the mod is not active, activate it. In activating it, you'll have to exit the menus back to the game before you're able to see the available options. STEP recommends changing following settings:

Smash Locks
  • Activate Smash Locks
    • Default: unticked
    • STEP: ticked
      • This will turn on the ability to smash locks with a weapon.
  • Allowed Weapons
    • Default: Only Two Handed
    • STEP: Two+ One Handed
      • This will allow locks to be smashed with one and two handed weapons but not with bows and crossbows, as long as you have the skill requirement.
Unlock with Magic
  • Enable Unlock Spell
    • Default: unticked
    • STEP: ticked
      • This will turn on the ability to unlock locks with destruction magic as long as you have the skill requirement.





[spoiler=Wet and Cold:]Mod Configuration Menu

Disable the "Go Home" feature. This feature is implemented by Immersive Citizens.




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I think some obvious ones that should be changed:


Auto Unequip Ammo: Unheck Use Equip Sets, although this one gives me fits on occasion because it changes the arrows when I explicitly equip a bow with different arrows.


Thieves Guild Requirements: I usually bump requirements to begin 3rd quest to Sneak Skill 30 and requirements to begin 4th quest to Sneak Skill 50. This is just my preference though.


Timing is Everything: This may be a one-off oddity, but I was attacked by two groups of Cultists almost back-to-back. This has happened once, so I haven't bothered to dig into it. I think the levels for The Wolf Queen Awakened, Grimsever's Return, and Unfathomable Depths are a bit too low. I usually bump these to 25, 30 and 30, respectively so they don't trigger quite so early in the game.


Companion's Guild: So far I've left all these at default.

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I've updated the OP again with some formatting and features.


@Ess, DY, Z

I think we need to move this onto the wiki (not in the STEP namespace) and set it up like we did the Core and Extended mod reviews. I can easily see this thread is going to become extremely massive in its current format. I'll look into setting this up this weekend.

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Yes! This is going to be a nightmare to maintain here on the forum. I already have part of the page set up. Staff (and any user that signs up on the wiki) can make their official recommendations on the wiki. Other users can simply use this topic to post theirs so we can take those into account (normal members rarely venture in here anyway). It'll be much easier and some of the staff and get in some wiki editing experience along the way.


I'm think I'm done for the night if anyone wants to fill out some of the wiki page using the OP as a reference.

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