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WISPMOTHER (by Kajuan)


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Added compares to the OP. Used the 2x1K version which is double the vanilla resolution. Second set is with the linen option for the cloth and the last set is with the mesh option for the cloth.


There are some improvements here. Most noticeable, Kajuan has improved the seams, hands, and cloth. Not so noticeable, the skin texture is improved as well. Overall, it's probably nothing you're going to notice during real combat with one of these wispmothers. With that said, there is nothing in STEP which currently covers these textures. I vote for this mod's inclusion for the simple fact that it's not covered yet and is an improvement over vanilla. I did a quick compare with the vanilla (1x512) resolution and couldn't notice any difference so that version would be the best pick for this mod in STEP.

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Okay, that's two STEP Staff and one other staff...good enough. :^_^: It would be nice if Kajuan puts all his mods in a pack eventually. I'm going to recommend the 2K version since that is what the majority of these creatures are in the HRDLC. For some reason, they do that for this one.


Accepted for STEP:Core v2.2.9.2. 2K version with Linen.

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