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Carlotta's Market Stall Fix Whiterun


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Carlotta's Market Stall Fix Whiterun (by KevinZiggy)




What it does:

1. Raises Carlotta's leeks and tomato display bins off of the ground to sit on top of a couple crates.
2. Moves the NPC browsing marker back a little bit so that NPCs browse her vegetables without trying to climb into the bin.

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I added a link to the mod on the Nexus, since the first post should have included it.
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The nice thing about this mod is that it doesn't appear to interfere with Whiterun overhaul mods like Dawn of Whiterun or JK's Whiterun while at the same time can easily be merged with other mods.


Very simple fix for a stupid sandboxing issue with NPCs.

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I can't believe this is a mod. The most OCD thing ever and that is coming from someone who hates odd quantities of things (numbers, items ect.) and is probably the most picky idiot around this scene. Also, the author got annoyed by this, yet sticks the display support beams though the stall wood? My inside itches are burning! 

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