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PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions (by exiledviper and meh321)

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Discussion thread:
PapyrusUtil - Modders Scripting Utility Functions by exiledviper and meh321
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SKSE plugin that allows you to save any amount of int, float, form and string values on any form or globally from papyrus scripts. Also supports lists of those data types. These values can be accessed from any mod allowing easy dynamic compatibility.

Also adds the following papyrus commands:

  • Toggle fly cam and set fly cam speed - TFC.
  • Set menus on / off - TM.
  • Bat command - execute batch file in console.
  • Write to file / read to file functions. Good to combine with bat command.
  • Adds an additional package stack override on actors. See ActorUtil.psc
  • Replace any animations on selected objects. See ObjectUtil.psc
  • Print messages to console.
  • set and load data to custom external JSON files. See JsonUtil.psc
  • Some other misc stuff.
PapyrusUtil.psc - version check & variable initialized arrays.
StorageUtil.psc - store variables and lists of data on a form that can be pulled back out using the form and variable name as keys. See psc file for documentation.
JsonUtil.psc - Similar to StorageUtil.psc but saves data to custom external .json files instead of forms, letting them be customizable out of game and stored independent of a users save file.
ActorUtil.psc - actor package override.
ObjectUtil.psc - animation replacement.
MiscUtil.psc - some misc commands.


This is necessary for DynDoLOD

Accepted for Core

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      I will keep this post brief. Make use of the Help buttons and hover over settings. Do not hesitate to ask questions and provide feedback.
      This is early ALPHA to test things and iron out bugs. Certain things may be incomplete, not work as expected or change considerably between versions. Read the documentation included in the Standalone archive.
      In case of error messages prompts, click the link
      Click on this link for additional explanations and help for this message
      if available to open the associated help/message page on https://dyndolod.info
      Use search to find similar questions and answers.
      Ask questions (also about 3rd party mods) or report any problems or issue in this thread only. Questions or problems can only be properly answered or addressed by the developers.
      If making posts or reporting errors, upload/paste these files (if they exist) to a file or text sharing service:
      ..\DynDOLOD\Logs\[DynDOLOD|TexGen]_[TES5|ENDERAL|SSE|TES5VR|ENDERALSE]_log.txt (truncate large log files to the entire last meaningful generation)
      If issue involves LODGen upload/paste
      If the option "Copy this message to clipboard" is available, copy and paste the text instead posting a screenshot.
      DynDOLOD Standalone 3.00 Alpha-65 (Mega) DynDOLOD Resources 3.00 Alpha-17 (Mega) for Skyrim/Enderal or DynDOLOD Resources SE 3.00 Alpha-19 (Mega) for Skyrim SE/Skyrim VR/Enderal SE Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 For dynamic LOD: SKSE, SKSE64, SKSEVR and PapyrusUtil, PapyrusUtil SE, PapyrusUtil VR  or DynDOLOD DLL For grass LOD: A warm precache from No Grass In Objects. See next post for details. For Majestic Mountains: Majestic Mountains LOD Pack for DynDOLOD 3. Obviously do not install LOD meshes from older versions made for DynDOLOD 2.x.  
      Install the requirements as usual. Install the Core Files from either DynDOLOD Resources or DynDOLOD Resources SE depending on the used game version. Typically overwrite any files or refer to Load/Overwrite Orders. Install other options as desired. Unpack the DynDOLOD Standalone archive into a new empty 'DynDOLOD' directory that is outside of special OS folders like 'Programs Files' or 'Program Files (x86)', User, Documents, Desktop, Download and also not in SteamApps, game or any mod manager folders. If the tools are started without setting a Game Mode with a command line argument (-tes5 for Skyrim, -sse for Skyrim Special Edition etc.), a message window will prompt for the desired Game Mode. Since TexGen now generates billboards do not install any 3rd party billboards.
      LOD Generation
      Use TexGen to generate object LOD textures and tree/grass LOD billboards into a dedicated output folder and then install as a mod. Use DynDOLOD to generate object LOD (includes grass LOD if enabled), tree and optional dynamic LOD into a dedicated output folder and then install as a mod.  
      Major Feature Changes
      Generate high quality tree/grass LOD billboards with TexGen. No need to install any billboards. Optional ultra tree LOD is now a checkbox - remember to update the tree mesh rule as desired. Optional billboard Grass LOD in object LOD Level 4. See next post for details. Generate some pre-rendered object LOD textures, including all cities. Optional generate an underside terrain mesh to block sun rays. Automatic texture replacements for stitched object LOD textures. Optional grass LOD generation is now a checkbox Optional occlusion generation is now a checkbox and can generate Occlusion.esp in the same session, eliminating the step with xLODGen Optional terrain underside generation is now a checkbox  
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