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Better Animal Footsteps (by Volnaiskra)


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Better Animal Footsteps by Volnaiskra

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Tired of being startled by loud footsteps behind you, only to turn around to a little bunny? Ever thought that the hooves of a massive elk should make significantly more noise than the soft paws of a tiny fox? Ever wondered why the spiders sound like they're tapdancing? Better Animal Footsteps improves the footstep sounds for many of Skyrim's animals, to make them more appropriate and immersive and/or less annoying and jarring.

Definately a candidate, don't you think?


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I like it. I was already using Quieter spiders by Hexaae. This is a better option.

Best part is that it's a clean replacement of the vanilla sound files. No unnecessary .esp or scripts. Best part it you can try it out, use for weeks if you like, and uninstall it without any negative effects.

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This mod was updated for those that aren't tracking it. 

v1.5-Converted all sounds to mono (Skyrim plays them all in mono anyway, since stereo wouldn't work with positional audio)-Converted all sounds to 22kHz (Skyrim's native bitrate) for better optimisation and compatibility. Sound quality is very slightly poorer, but filesize (and hence RAM usage) are dramatically smaller now (about 10 times smaller).-Cow has been made softer and gentler, after people pointed out (rightly) that it was too loud-Added some more complexity to horker sounds, including subtle 'wet' slap effects-added chaurus sounds (basically same as vanilla but slightly softer)-Created a proper NMM (fomod) installer which lets you pick and choose which sounds to install-Cleaned up a few minor clicks and flaws that were left over from vanilla-Some other minor tweaks to some of the sounds


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I found the description of this mod good but when I looked the video, I became convinced it is not realistic : apart from the Mammoth which is good (the original sound lacked bass), all other animals become stealthy ninja animals.


Small animals running do make sound (even rabbits), especially when fleeing from a human or other predator because stealth is not their main concern at that time. And the video is even less realistic when it comes to horkers : you nearly can't hear it, when the thing must weigh more than a ton. The spider : well, let's say that I have no idea whether a 300 kilos spider would make sound or not (because of the eight legs horror), though I doubt it could run without a sound like here.


I'm really not convinced but maybe the in-game feeling is different (edit : indeed, I did not remember I had it installed in STEP ; I suppose, it becomes lost in game, among all the rest but the rest of my rant remains).

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