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  1. Indeed they are OP. I cried the first time I met them. About SIC : is there any dwemer ghost without this mod ? I did not remembered them from before and found them quite distateful, the dwemer having simply disappeared with no trace and all (thus leaving no ghost, according to my skyrim lore).
  2. Which is normal as far as I know. With the Enb on, I run between 30 and 50 most of the time. Without, I never go below 60.
  3. Wel the packs should be great for you : there is one for CoT and MMO covers, among others Skyrim Redone (though you may want to wait just a little bit the incoming Perkus Maximus by the same author). CBBE: I don't seen how this mod could conflict much with STEP but I'll let someone else confirm.
  4. Well, install STEP Extended / SR:LE + Regs + MMO (or Requiem), following the guides and the posts that comment on compatibilities between packs and you'll have what you're asking for. Quite a lot of people here seem to have a pretty much stable skyrim with quite a lot of mods.
  5. I found the description of this mod good but when I looked the video, I became convinced it is not realistic : apart from the Mammoth which is good (the original sound lacked bass), all other animals become stealthy ninja animals. Small animals running do make sound (even rabbits), especially when fleeing from a human or other predator because stealth is not their main concern at that time. And the video is even less realistic when it comes to horkers : you nearly can't hear it, when the thing must weigh more than a ton. The spider : well, let's say that I have no idea whether a 300 kilos spider would make sound or not (because of the eight legs horror), though I doubt it could run without a sound like here. I'm really not convinced but maybe the in-game feeling is different (edit : indeed, I did not remember I had it installed in STEP ; I suppose, it becomes lost in game, among all the rest but the rest of my rant remains).
  6. A mod I find very beautiful (it is not mine) : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58559/? I've always found that many of the shrines are quite ugly and I think what Hermione did is really great : it is well done and completely aligned with the nordic culture from Skyrim as far as I'm concerned. What do you think ?
  7. Ok, thanks. I'll modify my load order to follow this rule. Silly me.
  8. Scratching my head... Well, I totally know I'm wrong if Azirok does it the other way but I don't understand the logic... And, as far as I know, I've not seen any specific problem with my load order : Inigo does not seem either too strong nor too weak (nor Tora Fair-Child from interesting NPCs). And till recently, my game was quite crash free, the only bug I had was very rare male nude NPCs and even rarer headless NPCs (the naked NPCs not being related to the known error with immersive weapons). Lately I have had several crashes so I suppose something's wrong after 61 levels of fun.
  9. Smile44 : wouldn't a NPC added by a mod that loads after Requiem be too powerful (that is to say, not "requiemed") ? My Inigo is loaded before Requiem. So is my interesting NPCs... Is it wrong ?
  10. The OC Zotac 970 is said to be only 1 to 3% less performing than regular 980 by some of the reviews I read.
  11. You don't have to install extended after core is complete : you follow the steps in the order given and can include extended every time needed.
  12. Smile44, I have found no defintive answer to this one : is the Mysticism perk working or not in 1.7.3 (and in 1.8) or not ? I'm pretty sure it does not but as the mod author never commented on it, I have a lingering doubt. Would you recommand Requiem Enhanced Magic ?
  13. To those of you who are already upgrading : any feedback will be appreciated greatly ! I'm really hesitating : my 760 is not so old (14 month and I usually change my GPU every two years) but the 2gb is really lacking some punch.
  14. I agree : yes they are "too cute to be true". But so are real rabbits (yes, I'm a huge fan of rabbits). Even the wild ones, supposedly shown in Skyrim : Very nice mod, GrandBulwark. Much closer to real rabbits than vanilla.
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