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Game wont start





Im afraid my game wont start. I got to the supplemental UI part where it's recommended to load the game up to test everything works. Any suggestions?


Ive checked if i placed all the required plugins in the optional section of each plugin.


Ive checked that my ini's are correct and that enboost is installed correctly.


Update: It runs through steam and enb text comes up at start. Very strange.


Thanks for any help

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In modify executables in mod organizer I relinked my path to the exe, perhaps it was wrong the first time im not sure. I dont think it needs to be added to the guide, fallout 3 is very temperamental on my system (Win 8.1).


One thing I would like to address though if it's ok is the wording on the Blackened part of the guide. It's not quite clear enough atleast to me which patches I need if I have FWE, EVE, RH ironsights, MMM and fallout 3 redesigned all installed. 

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