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Wanting the community's thoughts on my upcoming project


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Note: This is not an advertisement. I am asking for feedback from STEP because this is my favorite gaming community.


Hello STEP community! Audley here. 


I am making this post to ask for some constructive feedback on my upcoming project: Project Finite.

I have started a modding team by the name of Team Hollow. Which currently consists of about three

people so far. 


So what is Project Finite (PF) you ask? Well, PF is an ambitious project to make a standalone video game 

using the Unreal Engine 4. The game will be an action role-playing game heavily inspired by the Fallout

and Elder Scrolls series. I got the idea one day by jokingly saying to myself: "Well, why don't I make my own

Fallout?" after being incredibly frustrated by New Vegas' performance issues.


Ever since then, I have been learning, practicing, researching, and planning this project. And that was about

5 months ago that I started. I would also like to say this project is 100% non-profit and if the game is ever

released it will be completely free.


I know what you are probably thinking at this point: "Well that is all fine and dandy Audley, but you do realize that

making a video game requires a massive amount of time, money, and people don't you?"


Therein lies my issue. The problem is not money, the problem is people. If I cannot get a community around this project

to launch it, then all my work will have been for nothing. While I can post modding job offers on sites like ModDB, unless

I can get a solid community of people to back the project and offer ideas then this project will die. 


I have tried using sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter to gain support and funds for this project, I have been failing simply

because I have no community to back the project. 


I want this game to be made for the community by the community. I am heavily invested, motivated, and dedicated

to this project. I really would like it to succeed. 


So I am asking the STEP community (i.e. you guys) what are your thoughts, constructive feedback, ideas, 

and general advice. The goal of this post is not to advertise. However, if you would like to help in any way then

please send me a PM. 


Thanks for reading guys and any advice you give. This is definitely the best gaming community on the web; you guys are awesome!

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Welcome back audley.

I have always appreciated what you have done for me and for others.

I hope that you will be able to gain the numbers to be able to produce something in the end whether it is big or small.


I believe that you do have the drive to do greater things but it is going to be one rough road.

I'll lurk around and be where I generally am *cough* the chat *cough*

I'll be there when you need me :D

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Our official website (undergoing construction) is here.


Though I would be glad to give more details! 


I am in what I call "Phase Let's Go!" Which really is me trying to get the word out and start forming the team.

The overall project plan (once I have enough support) is to first make a professional website and forums. Much

like how STEP is laid out. The goal of this is so that people who have always had an idea for a game or mod for 

Fallout or The Elder Scrolls can speak their mind and give input. 


Once we have enough ideas generated by the community for a rough outline, then starts concept planning. 

From there we will start generating level idea, asset design, and overall game mechanics. Production of the 

actual game will not begin until we have a good idea of how the game is going to go. 


The game itself is going to be very story driven and player focused. Things will always be happening in the world. 

I want the world to notice the things you do. The player is going to have to choose his decisions very carefully. 


The overall idea is not simply magic+guns+war. It is going to be carefully designed. Every aspect of this game is 

going to have great consideration. 


"Project Finite was the idea that someone could be turned into something else. Beyond human. But that was

the problem. Once people started disappearing in the middle of the night did things start to go crazy. Though now?

You will never find the true answers. No one will talk about it. It doesn't exist. Go back to your home and pretend

none of this ever happened. Keep asking questions and you will soon find yourself lost. Remember: War 

never changes. But men, men change. Never forget Adam."

Edited by Audley
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I was looking into doing something similar, and while it is still the dream, I've put it off for now.


The first thing I found out when researching game design was, the first step is a design document. If you have one, maybe you could share it. If not, that wiuld be the first step. Obviously it is going to change, a LOT, during the course of development, but before people can give you ideas, you need to lay your ideas out on the table.


I'm a crafter at heart, and the crafting system is what makes or breaks a game for me. Extensive recipes and skills, including breaking goods down into raw materials or components.


How much realism are you going for?

One thing that irks me about games is being able to change armour instantly during combat. What you wear into combat should also be a difficult and lasting decision, imo.

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Firstly I love how the conversation turned into talking about how much money does it cost to fill you up. :P 


Anyways I have an update: 


My team and I have decided that Project Finite will have to wait. We have decided to start smaller due to lack of funds on our end. 

My idea is that my GoFundMe would launch but it didn't. 


We are going to make a quest mod for New Vegas. Think of this as a stepping stone to working on larger things down the line. I don't

want to give details about the quest yet. Just know that there are going to be a ghost town, cannibals, and riddles. 


Cheers, audley

Team Hollow

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The Unreal Engine is only $20/mo per person so it's not that huge of an investment. Eat out one less time a week and that's your payment right there.

Unreal 4 is now free, you just pay 5% royalty on any gross income from each product above $3000 per quarter.

Pretty sweet deal.

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