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  1. Hey Gradus, I can't tell you exactly which mod is causing this issue because even though I looked at your mod list, I didn't see any mod that replaces those textures with that kind of normal map. The reason those textures are so shiny is that whoever made the normal map for them, didn't properly add the specular to the alpha channel, so the game automatically defaults to 100% specular shine which causes it to look very glossy. Not only that but the normal map looks out of place for that texture. What I'm thinking happened is that the normal map got overwritten for that texture but the diffuse did not. What I would do to figure out what mod is causing this is simply to uncheck graphical mods in MO a set at a time to figure out what problematic texture. Cheers, Audley
  2. Hey Randolph, Those giant red exclamation marks is the game telling you that it's searching for meshes that aren't in the correct spot. This suggests that somehow during the merging process those meshes got moved into a different location, or got deleted altogether. My advice would be to either completely redo the merge, or look in the merges files in MO2 and try to find the meshes for the gas pump mod. I am unsure how they could have gotten removed, but that would be a good place to start looking. Cheers, Audley
  3. You can use the Stutter Remover without crashing on all games with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. However, there are two lines in the .ini file you must change in order to remove the crashing. I am using the GOG version of Fallout 3 and am roughly 10 hours in without a single crash. Open up your FSR .ini located in Data/FOSE/Plugins or in Mod Organizer and change the following two lines to equal zero. bHookCriticalSections=0 bHookLightCriticalSections=0 They are right next to each other. Failing to set both to zero, will cause crashes on cell changes. However, with both set to zero, you can successfully remove the stutters and also be crash free. Cheers, Audley
  4. While I have never used the disk version of the game, I assume it's similar to the Steam version (without Steam obviously). In all honesty, the GOG version seems much more stable than the other versions. No fiddling with GFWL or 4GB stuff. If you can afford it, it is highly recommended to grab the GOG version. Or wait until it's on sale (probably this Christmas).
  5. The GOG version is far more stable than the Steam version. I am roughly 4 hours in, and have not had a crash yet.
  6. Personally I would 100% avoid the heap replacement features in the Stutter Remover mods. Especially for New Vegas. I value stability above all else. Yes, it could potentially improve performance for some, but at the cost of greatly destabilizing your game. I'd rather remove some demanding mods and/or turn down graphic settings for more FPS rather than rely on something unstable like that. Perhaps it would be different if Skyranger had spent more time with the plugins and optimized them more, but he seems MIA at the moment, and probably won't likely be coming back. What's more is that there is a link between the Stutter Remover mods and the latest Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update) update. I am not knowledgeable enough about this kind of thing to understand how the Fall Creators Update plus the Stutter Remover (with bHookCriticalSections set to 1) will cause constant crashes. What's more is that the crashes seem to get worse the larger your save gets. I have now confirmed the Stutter Remover causing crashes by several of my modding friends.
  7. Firstly, I recommend giving this page from the Wiki a read. The Legion and NCR are primary factions, and because of that there are more opportunities to regain fame from them - even in a disliked state. The Powder Gangers on the other hand, are a secondary faction. You only get one chance and if you blow it (no pun intended) then they will not give you another. I assume the reasoning behind this is to prevent the player from becoming vilified by the primary factions accidentally. With that being said, I do believe there is a point of no return. However, most people would not do that by accident. I have been attacked by Legion hit squads early on in the game (before reaching New Vegas even) because I killed a lot of legion before getting there. I am unsure where the line is, but the Wiki should explain things.
  8. I will be one of the first to say it: I think this is a good thing. I don't think they deserve the amount of backlash they are getting. It looks like they took time to figure this out and do it in a way that should please most people. I am all for mod authors to get paid for doing good work. If it is curated and Bethesda supports it 100%, then I think it will be a great place for mod authors to make money out of countless hours spent making mods. I don't think this is Bethesda being greedy, I think it's the other way around.
  9. What browser are you using? It seems to be working fine in Google Chrome. Of course there was some weird errors yesterday going on with the guides so maybe that messed something up?
  10. I'd like to add that if you see a tumbleweed that won't move, and it's annoying you, you can open the console and select it then type "disable". That's what I do.
  11. While I don't like the OS as much as the previous ones, I won't say it's the worst thing ever. There are a ton of welcome usability changes and other tweaks that I enjoy. I did figure out why the USB was not working properly; it broke/died/stopped working. I won't blame Windows for that one. The internet speed was weird but seemed to have fixed itself.
  12. Hey folks, Audley here. It's been a while since I had participated in the forums so I thought after what happened this morning I would share something. This is meant to be a discussion about everyone's Windows experiences, good or bad. I've always used Windows as my OS since that is what I grew up on and I've enjoyed using every operating system that Microsoft has put out - until Windows 10. I even enjoyed Windows 8/8.1 for what it was. And I didn't actually dislike Windows 10 at first, but the more I used it and the more "features" it added the more I disliked it. My troubles started this morning when I went to download a fresh .iso of Windows 10 for a yearly reinstall. I assumed it would download the latest stable version of Windows, which would be the latest version of the Anniversary update. Nope. Microsoft instead gave me the newest version which is the Creators Update which is set to come out in a few months. I didn't know it at the time of downloading because I was not told this in any clear fashion. When I was installing Windows I finally realized they had given me the "latest and greatest". Not to be overly negative I figured I would give it a shot (though with what happened last year with the AU I should have thought twice). Once placed on the desktop I noticed that things seemed okay. Some cool new features and such. I started to go through the usual routine of updates and copying files over from my backup USB drives. One thing that was annoying that my download speed seemed to be really slow. I couldn't download anything at over 300 Kb/s on a wired connection. Couldn't for the life of me figure out why. I couldn't copy anything from my USB drives; Windows kept telling me I didn't have enough memory. Despite me having 32GB of RAM and only 10% of it was being used. The more I looked for solutions the more things seemed to break and I kept getting more and more frustrated. Windows kept trying to prevent me from installing Chrome saying how great Edge was. There are so many privacy and setting options I don't know what a 1/4 of them even mean and they are all on by default. It continuously keeps downloading third part apps (Facebook, Candy Crush, etc.) without my permission with no way to turn it off. Windows now says they will download updates over metered connections to "keep Windows running smoothly", whatever that means. I feel like the OS just does what it wants whenever it wants. What are your guys' experiences?
  13. I leased my 980 Ti from Cutting Edge Gamer last November for around $65 a month. Cool thing about Cutting Edge Gamer is that I have unlimited upgrades/downgrades. So when the 1080 Ti comes out I can just trade in 980 Ti and my lease will change accordingly with no additional cost to me (in terms of paying a fee for upgrading; lease will go up by around $20). All I have to do is check when on the site daily when it comes out to snag one when one becomes available. Though to be honest, I don't see any point since I am still running a 1080p monitor. I will probably wait and get a new monitor first.
  14. Okay let me explain. Firstly, the guide is wrong in that there is no longer a need to remove errors from UncutWasteland.esp as I just checked it and there are no errors to be removed. Sandbox must have fixed any issues in the latest release. Aside from that, the program (Merge Plugins) must check for errors in all plugins before they can be merged. This happens within the program itself, after you get passed the first box which asks you to select which plugins you wish to load. Once you are inside the program, right-click a plugin (in this case it's Uncut Wasteland.esp) and hit check for errors. In the guide the older version did have errors. So then you would need to hit "ignore errors" in order to be able to merge the plugin. You cannot have ignored errors on all the mods because not all mods had errors. I hope this makes sense.
  15. I apologize for the frustration - I understand how it can get quite irritating during the modding process. No you are not wrong and you are certainly not an idiot. The guide is poorly worded and definitely needs to be revised. The truth of it is that the guide has only been under slight maintenance for about a year and half and there has not been anyone that has been actively maintaining the guide. EssArrBee got caught up in his own stuff and I don't blame him for not continuing the guide. MonoAccipter picked it up for a short while, but also got caught up in his life. I am planning on revamping the guide, but I don't know when that will be. You are correct in that you would need to add the fonts manually and hide some folders. Except that UIO (User Interface Organizer) which is installed at the end of the User Interface section takes care of all this for you. You do not need to manually edit the fonts or hide any files when using UIO. In fact, the install order of HUD mods can be install in nearly any combination. When I start doing the guide again, UIO will be installed before the HUD section as to prevent this confusion. I hope this helps. :) Cheers, Audley
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