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  1. Instead of making your own mod, you could mod CaCF to set the weights to vanilla. If you aren't comfortable doing that, you've already achieved your desired outcome, so no point fixing what's no longer broken...
  2. I just reverted some of the changes I made in regards to LOOT rules being added to the masterlist. Seems that the rule for FarmhouseChimneys.esp was added, but STEP is recommending an older version of that mod which uses HearthfireChimneys.esp. EDIT: I'm not even going to attempt cleaning up the changelog atm, as we have no power and I'm working from my phone. I'll fix it up in 21-28 hours from now when I'm at work.
  3. It was deleted intentionally. I was very methodical in ensuring each LOOT rule that I was deleting had been added to the masterlist, however mistakes do happen. I don't have the ability to check the masterlist atm due to us having no power here, but I'll see what I can find out. EDIT: It was a mistake, though done intentionally. The masterlist has been updated to add the rule, however the rule that was added is for the newest version of the mod, but STEP recommends an old version. The details of what occurred can be seen in the first few posts of this thread. I'll see if I can fix it up from my phone without breaking anything else. EDIT 2: It should all be fixed up now. Thanks very much stickyhippo for pointing this out!
  4. Which version of MO do you use? Have you tried following the MO Troubleshooting Guide? This happens for me (or my wife, I can't remember) as well, but clicking "Download with manager" still works, so I never really bothered trying to fix it. Fairly sure we are using the latest non beta version, 1.2.18 I think.
  5. I've corrected the link label in my post above. It is only the MO mod page which suggests to turn this feature off, PMOP is not mentioned, at all, in any of the official MO Wiki pages.
  6. Don't worry about removing the testing tag. An admin woukd normally see that and convert it to a testing prefix, to mark it for actual testing, so I'm fairly sure they'll remove your testing tag when they would normally do that. Sorry if that doesn't make much sense. It's 1am and I haven't slept in around 24 hours due to pre ordering GTA V on PC. It's awesome btw.
  7. Check out this page, and the pages linked from there. That's an understatement!They are very... different. The shield looks good though. Unless the mod has changed a lot since that video was made, and the screenshots taken, to make the armours anything like vanilla, I'd have to vote no.
  8. Yes, you need to ignore it within yourself. You'll either need to follow what it says there, by applying the "fix" (which will mean you're no longer following the STEP guide) or you'll need to do a little work yourself, such as researching mod order via mod pages etc or following a detailed guide, like STEP. The advice you'll get from everyone on this forum, besides Tannin (the author of MO) is switch the warning off.
  9. Ignore the warning. The option to switch off the warning is described on the MO mod page:
  10. Are you going to do some comparison screens Han?
  11. It's fairly easy once you know what you're doing. Just install it, check for conflicts and move mods/files as necessary to get the effect required. I posted a hack version to get people going right near the beginning of this thread, and Tech has provided the official instructions either in this thread or maybe EDT2 or something, or you could always follow the guide. Some mods have been moved around a little bit to ensure the correct overrides occur.
  12. No inconvenience and no problem. Glad I could help.
  13. Do you have 32 bit java installed? Did you follow ALL the instructions here?
  14. I apologise, that's my mistake. I failed epically in my google-fu when trying to find that. That will teach me for trying to help with things I know nothing about.
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