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FNV 4GB, MO and nothing happens




I finally finished to install everything from the guide but when I launch FNV4GB.exe from MO with all the proper parameter (if I don't it crashes) it launches the default launcher and no mods are loaded.

If I launch the launcher from MO I can see all my mods but it crashes because NVSE is not loaded (I guess).

The NVSE launcher crash on launch.


Anyone already encounter this problem?


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Good morning all, thanks for the help.


In MO as parameter for FNV4GB I have -SteamAppID 22490 -laaexe .FalloutMO.exe


I did hide the BSA after extracting them and I don't have Mission Mojave Ultimate Edition installed.


Here is the root of my FNV folder:



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Generally if it launched the default launcher it means that the game is not detecting any .ini's. Here is what I would do: 

  • Go to Steam and right click on Fallout New Vegas. Go to properties then Local Files. Hit "Verify integrity of game cache."
  • Wait for it to finish. This will ensure that you have all the proper base files installed
  • This will NOT remove any files; so don't worry about your mods getting mess up
  • Run the default New Vegas Launcher (Not through MO)
  • Exit the launcher

Go back to MO and start FNV 4GB. Also make sure you have the Darnified Fonts installed in your fallout.ini as per the instructions. 

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@Audley: Already tried the "verification integrity" but I'll try it again with all the ini generation.


@hishutup: I have exactly the same thing except the argument where I have: -SteamAppID 22490 -laaexe .FalloutMO.exe


I'm at work now so I'll test your suggestions later.


Thanks again.

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Still doesn't work...

I deleted the falloutnv folder from my games and everything at the root of the Fallout New Vegas folder (just the files not the folders) and verified cache integrity.

Used the launcher and then I tried the following:

I tried with only DARNUI and the official DLC and it doesn't work either. It's like if launching the game with FNV4GB through MO didn't launched MO.


If I launch the game through MO with the launcher it can load a save but of course I have plenty of mod saying they need NVSE.

If I launch the game through MO with NVSE it crashes while loading the save.

If I launch the game through MO with NVSE and with an ENB it can load the save (and the game looks really nice ^^).

If I launch the game through MO with FNV4GB it load the save but no mod are loaded.



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