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Tobes Highres Textures (by Tobe)


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Tobe's Hi-Res Textures by Tobe

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Tobes Highres Textures, one of the mods in STEP, recently posted an update with some additional textures that replace some of the SMIM-specific furniture textures. I looked at Tobes new textures and the replaced textures from SMIM to see which seemed more realistic. To me, the difference is in the type of wood used in the texture. SMIM assumes a relatively coarse grained, soft wood like aspen. Tobes assumes a finer grained, harder wood. There are almost no hardwood trees specifically included in Skyrim, but it is likely that in a Skyrim-like geography there would be some. Furniture in homes in Oblivion cities used fairly high quality wood. Personally I think that the new Tobes textures are more realistic for better homes while the SMIM ones might be more realistic for much simpler homes outside the major cities. The Tobes textures certainly look nicer.

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Bug in STEP detailed instructions (I hope this is the correct place to post).


When installing the SMIM patch per S.T.E.P. be sure to not install:




In line with not installing these from above when installing the Tobes Highres Textures.

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