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Fallout New Vegas will not start through Mod Organizer



The title explains it all. NVSE will not launch it, the New Vegas Launcher runs, but clicking play results in nothing. The 4GB Patch gets halfway through its loading bar then closes and doesn't run. All of the launchers work perfectly outside Mod Organizer. I have added -laaexe .Fallout MO.exe as an argument to the 4GB launcher in hopes of it working, but it just goes through the loading bar and then launches the Fallout Launcher, with no mods loaded. To clarify, ALL THE LAUNCHERS launch if run directly from the actual Fallout NV folder, but no matter what I do, they will not launch through Mod Organizer. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I do NOT want to switch back to NMM.

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I've resolved the game not starting, but now when I launch the game, when it passes the Obsidian Logo, it's almost as if a save loads instantly. I see the HUD elements for a second, but then they disappear to a black screen and I see an empty pop up box show up in the middle of the screen. This pop up box as the skin of the FNV UI, so it is not a Windows pop up box. keep in mind that the main menu music is playing through all of this. Any ideas?

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