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Werewolf Mastery (by RolandSir)


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I am in the process of installing Werewolf Mastery Mod with the Loot Optional update.

The BOYD esp conflict editing states:


Select Bring Out Your Dead.esp and WerewolfMastery.esp then click [OK].

Expand "Non-Player Character (Actor)" under WerewolfMastery.esp and select the "0001A692" node.


However under "Non-Player Character (Actor)" there is no such nodes. All nodes start with 0005. Also the right-pane shows only werewolfmastery.esp and nothing else.


Using: Werewolf_Mastery_v3_0_and_Moonlight_Tales_v1_13_Compatibility_version

          BOYD version is 1.2 (1.1.7 not available on nexus)


Any suggestions are appreciated.

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