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Oblivion Gates in Cities (by Arthmoor)


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I personally think they should not be in the main cities at all. This is my quote from the mod page


I see they would of been torn down as quickly as possible too. The Oblivion Crisis is something they don't want to remember in that way and have them sitting right there in the middle of main cities like that. And plus the Dwemer and Ayleid ruins are still standing cuz those are things people would actually want to remember and still study a long extinct race\s that didn't try to kill everybody and take over the world. It makes sense that they would of torn down the gates also to stop any possible way of the deadric lords of some how trying to use them again and try to reopen the gates in someway. And if they did keep them i don't think they would of left them in the middle of town they would of moved them to a less obscene in your face location. And make the city look beautiful again without this big scar of a oblivion gate in the middle of the city. Bethesda did the right thing of not having them in the middle of the cities.

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My understanding is that the oblivion gates could be opened any where, so it is rather improbable that they only appeared in cities. I think 4-5 scattered as easter eggs around Skyrim would've been a welcome addition if Bethesda did it in the vanilla game though.

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Yeah I kinda feel the same way.


Random ones out in the wilderness? Yeah, sure, I can dig it.


In cities? Eehhhh no, not unless it's done as a sort of monument type of thing.



Although, a correction for someone in this topic:


According to lore, Skyrim was hit pretty heavily compared to elsewhere during the Oblivion Crisis. I read it in one of the in-game books several months back, but Arthmoor references the same thing as well IIRC.

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On a side note, people in the tesnexus arguing about dark magicka and thousand of years supporting Oblivion gates, remember that in TES IV there was only two gates opened inside a town in the whole game, ... the Imperial City at the end of the main quest, and remember how Berthesda instantly wiped these two gate after Dagon was banned by Akatosh.

So it's only Berthesda who decide who stay for centuries or thousand years in their series of games.

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