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OneTweak (by virusek)


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This mod should be tested or approved by anyone on the team that has experience with Double Cursor Fix and Borderless Windows.



First off, I do apologize if this is in the wrong place. I thought I'd put it under Borderless Windows, but since it's been superseded, I thought I would just put this here for recommending it to be reviewed. As the title states, on the front page of the Borderless Windows Nexus Page, it states that the mod has been "WARNING: Superseded by SkyrimTweak". Do you have plans to remove Borderless Windows and add this one? And what about Simple Borderless Windows? ( https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/4//? ;) (Sorry, dont remember the codes to replace the ugly url with the name of the mod.)


Below I took a screen shot of the website. You'll see the message at the bottom.


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There's quite a few of those out there actually. Fake Fullscreen and Game Companion are others. Just do a search for "Window" or "Fullscreen" in Nexus. ENB also has this option.

This one sounds kind of neat too. Unstretched Windowed Fullscreen. It puts your windowed skryim in the center of your monitor and fills the rest of it with black.


I used to use Simple Borderless Window, but I stopped for a couple of reasons. While it worked; it had issues sometimes of making my mouse cusor disappear in windows. It was due to the way it implemented its double cursor fix.


The main reason I don't run borderless windowed modes any more is because I have a problem with all them. With my setup, my frame rate will drop to single digits when I go outside, most of the time. I can fix it by alt+tabbing out and back in. However, the alt+tab fix/workaround doesn't work if I run borderless windowed modes.


And finally to be honest I don't really have a big issue alt+tabbing from full screen either. Just have to do it twice. If I alt+tab out of skyrim, I alt+tab back; I alt+tab back to skyrim itself one more time and it works. I'd much rather alt+tab twice then have to restart the game to fix my fps.

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Yes, this is a suitable replacement for Double Cursor Fix and Borderless Window - I've been using it while testing for Skyrim Revisited. In fact, it works even better than having both mods installed, as the loading screens don't freeze, and it also includes the Disable FaceGen Cache (saves a plugin).

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I tried this mod as well. Everything works except my Vsync got turned off, even when I explicitly turned it on in the game (ipresentinterval). While this can be corrected with hardware drivers, there is some kind of error in OneTweak. If you check the comments you will see that I am not the only one with this issue.


When using Borderless Window and Double Cursor Fix separately, I did not have this issue. Therefore I'll continue using those until the issue is solved.

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I don't use either, I have tried them but I get no real benefit from playing in windowed mode. So not sure if it should be any more than a recommendation for those who might get some benefit from it rather than a CORE mod.



Yep, I agree, but the dual cursor fix is the key question. That is a true fix.


My main question is:


Should we adopt the fix from this mod or should we stick with the original, more specific mod?

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Well the cursor fix then, perhaps but windowed is an option and in that case probably best to stick with the original, for now and have the one tweak mod as an option. If Racemenu is used then One Tweak becomes more viable but Racemenu has it's own fix for the CTD with the ShowRaceMenu command so then still no need for the borderless window mod.


I guess you do cover all the bases with OT but I probably wont use it. Not using Double Cursor fix either - don't seem to need it.



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The author has made several attempts during the last weeks to fix the tool. I;m using the latest WIP and I no longer experience issues with it. Works flawlessly on my system. Using BW plugin version 1.x in the ini (which is now the default, i guess having BW plugin 2.x as previous default is what caused a lot of issues for people, now there is at least a choice in the ini).


Overall works smoother for me than using the seperate plugins. The original Borderless Window often causes a freeze at the end of loading screens, hasn't happened with the latest WIP of OneTweak yet.


You can find this version here:


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