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ELFX Dwemer Floor Footsteps Fix


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ELFX Dwemer Floor Footsteps Fix by Spongeman131
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STEP guide installs EFLX meshes. A couple of EFLX meshes for Dwemer dungeons floor are missing physics material information. This mod fixes them. Pretty straightforward, nothing more to it.

Install: after ELFX.

Test: go to Silver Blood Inn (Markath) and walk around the bar on the outer perimeter floor tiles. Before fix: no footsteps sound. After fix: hear footsteps. You may need to adjust your audio settings to suppress chatter and other noise.

This fix is missing from ELFX Fixes. Nor is there an equivalent fix in Unofficial Material Fix so I'm assuming the vanilla meshes are fine. An alternative to this mod would then be to hide the faulty ELFX meshes, but it would mean losing whatever improvement they're supposed to bring (prevent light flickering?).

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