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Skyrim Lush Overhaul


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Fresh, just uploaded to Nexus couple of minutes ago. Looks promising. I'm at work, so cannot test, but looking at s/shots it looks nice!


Guys Now make your trees to look even More beautiful than Currently with top tee mods..

This is the mod to increase the density of leaves in your trees..This Mod is MORE LUSH than "Lush tree Mod "..If you don't agree then see the Comparision Images....

One more thing this MOD Also contain Lush Version For "Aspen Trees" which Lush Trees Mod Dosen't Contain.

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File is down guys. Most likely because I had a big rant in the comment box about the author stealing my Lush Tree files (also some of Vurt's stuff too). The author has sent me an apology and I accepted it, but I said all I had to say to him. That is all.

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Too bad he didn't do it honestly' date=' because this was quite good. Better than Lush Trees, no offense. :P[/quote']

I honestly can't win. :p People were asking me for months to improve the performance and when I finally did they want more branches again. You can't really cram any more leaves in without them floating/clipping. Also it's impossible to see the high detail version in Nifskope and others, as it doesn't have polygons. It uses points to morph it. Probably why I'm one of the few that tried to edit it. Basically you are editing blind and we can't have floating branches - that's against my OCD. ;) I always try and make my mods nice and clean, even going as far as putting new names in the mesh so it's more organised for the future.


I'm also not making any patches for SFO. Vurt is a mad man with his plants and changes stuff constantly. :) I can't keep up! ;) I did recently talk to him and give him some input, but who knows where he's heading? I love his work so it was an honour to be able to help out with the mod a little.

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