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Immersive Dragons (by Rougeshot)

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    • By theblackman
      Discussion topic:
      No Grass in Objects by meh321
      Wiki Link
      Accepted for next SE guide version (> 1.0.0)
      Prevents grass clipping through most objects.
      Mod performs a raycast in-game from each position where grass is located and if it detects a collision with another object then it doesn't place grass at that point.
      Needs .Net framework but that's already a requirement for MO2.
      OCD sufferers rejoice!
    • By jeof96
      Discussion topic:
      Scrambled Bugs by KernalsEgg
      Wiki Link
      For testing, set INI: FixAbilityConditionBug.Enabled, and modify the setting in BugFixesSSE.config.txt to 'false'. If this mod is accepted, then this will be the guide config.
      This mod introduces engine bug fixes. Some are integrated in the current SE guide, but some aren't too. What I'm more interested at, is the 2nd enchantment effect bug fix. Also, the perk entry point bug where if you 2 apply-on-hit effects only 1 will work, this fixes it.
      It's against the guidelines to repeat the mod description, but please take a look at the mod page and check out the things it fixes.
    • By z929669
      Discussion topic:
      3D Snowberries HD Texture Option by tritonforge/
      Wiki Link
      Propose we adopt this and the base mod below for SE Guide (> 1.0.0)
      Also see:
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