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Found 18 results

  1. Discussion topic: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended by Team XPMSE Wiki Link Abbreviated: XPMSSE
  2. Discussion topic: Dragonbone Mastery - Weapons Retexture by Nazenn Wiki Link
  3. I've made a retexture for the vanilla Whiterun windmill. Used a new entry, as these are separate placements. I didnt wanted to interfere with the original model. First try, using texture sets for the new colors: Second try, copied the mesh and put these textures inside the mesh, using Nifscope: Both times, I used the full model for the LOD, as seem below: If I used the standard LOD, I would not get the new textures, as it would load the LOD from the standard vanilla texture. In both times, I ran TexGen and Dyndolod. I've got the same result: Why this is happening? I ran TexGen, ran Dyndolod, ran xLodGen for the terrain (although the terrain dont have anything to do with these objects), but I'm still getting the vanilla LOD, for a object with a entire separate entry, using a different mesh, and assigned the full model for the LOD mesh in the CK. This is also happening with other vanilla objects, copied from the nordic ruins and retextured, and which passed through the same processes, also using full models for the LOD mesh in the CK. They all show the vanilla LOD when distant. This is not happening with custom meshes from other authors, though. These are running fine with retextures, even using the same meshes with texture sets. Only vanilla meshes are being affected. Is there a special rule I should put in Dyndolod for it? I tried this one below, but still got the same result:
  4. Discussion topic: Better Dirt Cliffs and Alphas by cthunsthrall Wiki Link STEP SE Notes: Test Files: Depends on what is currently winning for STEP SE. The 2K version is likely the right candidate, however, if the current textures are 4K, then test against both 4K and 2K. STEP > Better Dirt Cliffs
  5. I'm not certain I am doing this correctly so forgive me if I am not. After days of trying to figure out the cause, it seems the mod Trim The Fat - Hagraven (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/32177) was causing a CTD for me while using DynDOLOD. The CTD was occurring between Fort Greymoor and North Brittleshin Pass. I followed the DynDOLOD-README steps in order to find the cause of the CTDs which pointed me to the following: Doing a search for the hagravenfenceXX.nif, I found that the Trim the Fat-Hagraven mod contained the last in my load order. Anyhow, I've started new games the past few days to be certain, ran the mod through NIF Optimizer, CAO, etc and nothing seems to make the mod work for me in my game so I got rid of it and reported it on the mod page. I wanted to report it here as well in the event someone else is having the same issues.
  6. Discussion topic: HD Terrain LOD Mesh by Dlizzio Wiki Link STEP SE Notes: Test Files: Main File (meshes) only! Test against current STEP SE. We used to have a mod for this in the LE Guide, so this should be an easy add. It'll require regenerating with the xLODGen process. Verdict: This mod is redundant with xLODGen, but the "Light" noise map itself is a big improvement. Need to verify that it behaves in transitions and weathers.
  7. Discussion topic: aMidianBorn Blades Armor SSE Patch by SkyrimTacoMan Mod Picker Link Dropped due to the fix being incorporated into the SE version of Book of Silence.
  8. Discussion topic: Chicken Butthurt Minimizer (SE) by shingouki2002 Wiki Link Dropped for version v0.2.0b - CACO provides an equivalent.
  9. Discussion topic: Immersive Smilodons by Rougeshot Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: Immersive Dragons by Rougeshot Wiki Link
  11. Discussion topic: Hardy Hares by Rougeshot Wiki Link
  12. Discussion topic: Chicken Butthurt Minimizer by ShinGouki Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: Majestic Mountains by T4gtr34um3r Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: Red Dog's Smaller Realistic Ice Spike and Ice Spear by RedDog6911 Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: Vanilla Body with UNP Textures by Shiva182 Wiki Link
  16. Having read these docs, im still somewhat confused on generating 3d static object lod when using tree replacer mods like realistic aspen trees, etc. Docs/trees.ultra/DynDOLOD-Trees.html Docs/trees.ultra/tools/DynDOLOD_CreateStaticTree.html I have quite a few questions, but we can start with this. In the base resources for sse dyndolod, there is included several treeaspenXpassthru_lod.nif that i assume will be used when you generate 3d SO lod for these trees. But, realistic aspen trees mod is just a replacer, so how will dyndolod know it should use treeaspenX_XXXXXXXXpassthru_lod.nif in \Meshes\DynDOLOD\lod\trees\rat\ instead of default ones?
  17. Discussion thread: XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended by Groovtama Wiki Link Accepted for STEP:Extended v2.10.0 This is the XPMSE version of the XP32 Skeleton spunoff to it's own page.
  18. Discussion thread: WEBS extended by Ramccoid Wiki Link Added to STEP:Core v2.10.0 Webs are entirely redone, meshes and textures. Has a compatibility patch for animated clutter. I've been using this mod for a bit and like it. It also appears in Skyrim Revisited.
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