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STEP Skyrim LE Guide Patches (by The STEP Team)

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STEP Skyrim LE Patches by The STEP Team


Mods that are required for the Patches are marked on the Guide by a GREEN indicator at the beginning of the mod's listing.
Included Tweaks
The following tweaks are included in the STEP CR Patch:



  • Timescale is set to 15 (default 20)
  • Fast travel speed adjusted to match walking speed
  • 40% faster arrow speed vs vanilla for more realistic speeds
  • 50% chance of recovering arrows from corpses (default 33%)
  • NPC greeting distance reduced to reduce random greets from every NPC passed
  • Crime detection distance reduced to ~1/2 cell distance for more realistic detection distance
  • Bump wait times for NPCs to move out of the way have been reduced (default 3.0/1.0, reduced to 0.5/0.5)
  • Bump wait distances have been increased to help those NPC get out of the way (default 75/150, increased 150/250)
  • NPC max-dodge-chance reduced to prevent uncanny ability of enemies dodging projectiles (default 100%, reduced to 66%)


Incorporated Mods
The mods below have either been 1) incorporated into the STEP CR Patch (permissions allowed for this) and are indicated as such, or 2) the edits from the mod were already created from scratch for the Patch. This means the mods listed below will never need to be installed for the STEP Skyrim LE Guide:



Leveled Lists
The STEP CR Patch now includes a merged leveled-list for the Guide. This merged leveled list would have been similar to what was being provided by WB. Our merges, however, are addressed by hand and each conflicted is checked to ensure only the correct and desired forwards are made vs WB's default output, which is full of issues. What this means is users get a far cleaner (and proper) merge of the Guide's leveled lists vs what can be provided by a tool.


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