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Found 17 results

  1. I noticed that the mod 'The Choice is Yours' has a patch associated with it that is tied to the 'Book Covers Skyrim' mod we downloaded early, but the guide makes no comment about downloading this mod or that it is included in one of STEP patches. Is this patch in one of the STEP patches or is it something I must download individually?
  2. Discussion topic: Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains by ThatSpartacusGuy Mod Picker Link Dropped with BDS v3 update. No longer required.
  3. Discussion topic: kryptopyr's Patch Hub by kryptopyr Wiki Link
  4. Quoting this topic on behalf of Arthmoor who is not a member here on STEP forum Edit : Beta testing of v2.1.3 of the last ever separate patches is still in progress if anyone wants to join in ( Details in the second post of each patch topic at the home of the Unofficial Patch Project. ) Edit : Beta Test version of USLEEP is now on the streets for anyone willing to participate / continue a playthrough while preserving a save point for after the beta test to go back to https://afkmods.iguan...n-patch-usleep/
  5. Discussion topic: QUASIPC by Qwinn Mod Picker Link
  6. Over time, and by reading comments of mod authors, I have learned that for certain record types displayed in TES5Edit, when using the conflict filter feature, some records are incorrectly identified as conflicting (ie., "conflicting" = overridden by a plugin which comes later in the load order.) For example, ripple, the author of Inconsequential NPCs has explained that location persistent references (LCPR sub-records in LCTN / Location records) supplied by different plugins are not actually overwritten by the last mod in the load order LCTN for certain locations (source). The implication here is that all those references are combined and used from all mods with that record type when Skyrim is started. So in other words, when making a compatibility patch in TES5Edit, you do not need to copy overrides for those particular records. I have asked in a number of places which records types do not need to be carried forward into compatibility patches, but have never received a reply, and still to this day have not found a definitive list in one place. Well, I'd like to change that, and I need your help, if this is something you are knowledgeable about. Below is a list of record types, grouped by category, that I have read comments saying they are incorrectly identified as conflicting, because they are actually combined at runtime: A List of Non-Conflicting Record Types seen in TES5Edit [WIP] Dialogue Topic (DIAL) Record sub-record types: TFIC - Info Count (Confirmed - sources: here & here)Dialogue Information (INFO) Record sub-record types: PNAM - Previous Info (Confirmed here)Idle Animation (IDLE) Record sub-record types: ANAM - Related Idle Animations (Confirmed here)Location (LCTN) Record sub-record types: ACPR - Actor Cell Persistent ReferenceLCPR - Location Cell Persistent ReferenceRCUN - Reference Cell UNiqueACSR - Actor Cell Static ReferencesLCSR - Location Cell Static ReferenceRCSR - Reference Cell Static ReferenceACEC - Actor Cell Encounter CellLCEC - Location Cell Encounter CellRCEC - Reference Cell Encounter CellACID - Actor Cell Marker ReferenceLCID - Location Cell Marker ReferenceACEP - Actor Cell Enable PointLCEP - Location Cell Enable PointNOTE: Other LCTN sub-record types require conflict management. (Confirmed - sources: here, here, here & here) Story Manager Quest Node (SMQN) Record sub-record types: SNAM - Child sub-recordsQNAM - Quest Count / Quests(Confirmed - source: here & here) Story Manager B??? Node (SMBN) Record sub-record types: SNAM - Child sub-records (Confirmed here)For more details about how the above listed sub-record types merge at runtime, please see this excellent opening thread post by Arthmoor from 12 March 2014. Many thanks to him for confirming / explaining all of these, and a tip of the hat to MonoAccipitor for noticing Arthmoor's post. I will update this list with additional confirmed non-conflicting record types based on your replies. Thanks in advance for your help, and let's hope others can benefit from this list!
  7. I created my own, but I get CTDs when opening the retort... Then I heard there was one already for LE. However, when I searched, I can only find the SSE version (which was converted from the LE version). I've been looking for it everywhere for it for over any hour (found a couple broken links, but that's about it). Anyone know where it is/where I can find it?
  8. Discussion thread: Bashed Patch by EVERYONE! Wiki Link Finally creating a thread for this topic as it relates to STEP
  9. Despite meticulously installing according to the STEP guide, the STEP Core patch is inaccessible in the installer. As far as I can tell, there is no way to efficiently troubleshoot this because the Guide itself no longer puts CORE tags on the main page of the guide, I would have to go through every mod's wiki page one by one. This would take hours. The possibility of it still not working after all those hours is discouraging, and brings me here. How do I force the Core Patch to install manually, without the installer? Do I only need 00 Core and one of the 04 STEP Core Patch folders? Is this all that is required for the STEP Compilation? I'd very much like to dissect this and piece it together correctly. For the record, I think the reason it is not accessible is due to contradictions within the guide itself. i.e., listing ENBoost as absolutely required for any STEP install, then listing SKSE-Elys-AltF4 as unnecessary if you ENBoost already. Why is this mod listed at all if one of the very first absolute requirements invalidates need for it? There were other confusions that I would have to fish through the guide to find, but that would take a great deal of time.
  10. I am using MO to install STEP, I have installed every mod from the list and finally got to the patches at the bottom, I downloaded the STEP patch and tried to run it in MO, and it asks if I have installed realistic Force and I say yes but then when it asks to install the patch it is greyed out. I know this means the mod is not installed correctly but I am not sure what to do differently. I installed the file, I do still have a plugin because I do not know how to remove it, it says to remove it in the instructions but doesn't say how, I tried disabling it and I also tried reinstalling the mod. Still with no luck installing the patch. I am not sure if the plugin is the issue or if something else is wrong. Thank you in advance for the help. This is a very long process I would hate to no be able to complete it.
  11. So I got unofficial legendary skyrim patched installed, and my game won't launch? Any ideas? Also I have not fixed the navmesh files yet if that matters.
  12. I just tested it out in game. When I have USLEP (Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch) running, the FNIS spells do not work on npcs at all. However, when I turn it off and try again, this time the FNIS animations work. FNIS is necessary in order to run other animations... but USLEP is also necessary to run without bugs... any way to make them compatible? Whether FNIS or USLEEP is on individually or together - Mod Organizer, LOOT, and the mods themselves do not report any issues... they only happen when it comes to spells in game. I've tried using TES5Edit to change FNIS's masters if it relied on individual unofficial patches, but I noticed it's master is only Skyrim.esm so I canceled out of it. Before anyone asks, I'm not running a crap ton of mods right now and my pc is not at fault. I only have 6 mods which are all basic mods: (USLEEP, FNIS + Creature pack + spells pack, SkyUI, SKSE and Unofficial Hi-rez Pack.) Answering the post that comes before my own: - I'm running windows 8.1 on an HP laptop bought 3 years ago. - I follow step partially but mainly use it for advice on individual mods - I have applied some ini tweaks, but I doubt this has anything to do with my problem - I tested my problem out in various places and cities on many different npcs but it's still the same results
  13. As an example from the mod pack "Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance" I only want 4 mods from that specific pack nothing else. Ultimate Combat Combat evolved Immersive Patrols Revenge of the enemies and the pack itself provides some patches but they require "Skyrim immersive creatures" mod which I do not want I also use two mods from another pack from the same author: Dovahkiin Reborn Moonlight tales - werewolf and werebear essentials Better vampires this pack patch requires Elemental Destruction Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package Disparity Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul The pack author states: If you only install some mods from the pack or if you have other packs installed, please merge your own patch with instructions found here. (instructions are very poor I think) Does the patching even apply to me? since I do not even use "skyrim immersive creatures" or Elemental Destruction etc... or can I just roll with the mods installed normally?
  14. Hi Folks, I have a couple of issues with the STEP Extended Patch and a consequent question. Firstly the patch includes esp's which Requiem does not want installed. Second (and I'm sure to run into more issues like this as I continue to mod my profile) reinstallation of ELE to accommodate Falskaar and Wyrmstooth leads to the STEP Extended Patch esp having a Missing Masters error (it wants ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp rather than ELE_Legendary_Fs_Wt_Lite.esp). After reading the Readme file in the Extended Patch distribution, I'm planning on building my own merged patch for what continues to be relevant from the listing there. My question is, does the Extended Patch provide any other functionality over and above merging the listed esp's? Would I be better off applying the Combined Plugin (assuming it has any functionality I would otherwise miss) and then merging this with relevant selected esp's from the list? Thanks in Advance, John
  15. Late (err, early in the morning) on day three of my "let's see what Skyrim looks like in 2015" misadventure, I successfully completed an Extended install after *finally* discovering the -forcesteamloader argument. Joy was had. In that giddy state of mind I decided to to tackle DynDOLOD after listening to Michael's reassuring voice for another half-hour and, sum-na-gun, it worked. More joy was had. Sadly, I have a touch of OCD and noticed the Vampire and Traps esp's were no longer needed yet there was the clutter so off to the Optionals they were banished. Of course I remembered to hit LOOT up for quick re-order and there was something about having to rebuild the bashed patch whenever mucking about with mods coming and going so back to WRYE we went. Lo and behold, I noticed the instructions to tweak "Crime: Alarm Distance" had escaped on the first go around so I complied, forgetting to Deselect All first. Whoopsiedoodles. Hmm. Just throw out the patch and try again? Why not. Except that WRYE seems to have remembered the tweaks previously applied (Crime and Timescale are still showing the values I gave it earlier.) My question then: Does WRYE just have a cache of what I last told it to do or are all those tweak values now embedded/applied in other places? /me is a little intimidated my the god-mode tools we now get to play with And while were here, should I be concerned that my STEP Extended Patch has a striking resemblance to John Boehner? Your's in hunger, Marvin
  16. Hello! I was told to try STEP out, having finally gotten into Skyrim, and just from the looks of things, it looks great! However, I never bought the Skyrim DLC's, and it appears that STEP uses them a lot. I've just finished the Conflicting Graphics portion, and I'm moving onto Landscape, and the whole time, I've just been choosing the options that don't deal with DLC. I noticed that there are patches at the end which require all three DLC. Should I be worried continuing into this? Thanks for any help!
  17. Hey peeps, I am new here, and I am a little confused. I am following the STEP guide, but I have noticed the STEP patches. Which one am I supposed to use and what are they for exactly? I do not know if I am supposed to use the Extended or Core version as I could not use all the core mods, as one did not please me and another was not available for download any more. I am also using a few of the 'extended' mods. Thank you, Tim
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