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Disease Descriptions for the Immersive Adventurer SE (by William Imm)

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    • By LJMcP
      Hi guys recently my SKSE loader was working fine until modded game started crashing and the i had to re install everything. I went to put in the new SKSE launcher but it would not launch due to this errors or warning: Couldn't find TESV.exe if anyone could please help me resolve this i would be very grateful and thankful.
    • By SpookyMrSkeltal
      After installing DynDOLOD I noticed a few floating items above bleakwind basin, a barrel, a door and some wheat. These objects don't load in till up close and are from what I believe to be some errors within their respective mods, they can also be disabled.
      However, a stone pillar is also floating there that I can see from at least as far away as the other side of whiterun.
      The object id is 5D005FC4. My dyndolod esp id is 5d. 
      I can't disable the pillar as it simply respawns when far enough away. I tried to use sseedit to remove it but it does not exist within sseedit. I have tried deleting and resetting up dyndolod to no avail. The only thing that removes it is turning off dyndolod but I still want to use it if possible.
      I am new to modding so I may have missed an obvious solution. 
      Any help would be much appreciated.
    • By z929669
      Discussion topic:
      Aspens Ablaze by mindflux
      Wiki Link
      See mod page for screen compares for all versions. Those screens were created under Step WIP 2.0.0.
      I think "Autumnal" is the most vanilla-friendly option, and I think it is also the most realistic.
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