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Found 19 results

  1. Discussion topic: Convenient Horses by mitchalek Mod Picker Link
  2. Discussion topic: Obsidian Mountain Fogs by DrMegaloblast Wiki Link Step > Step-OMF (no ENB) > Step-OMF (no ENB, no Ethereal Clouds) Step > Step-OMF (with ENB) > Step-OMF (with ENB, no Ethereal Clouds)
  3. Discussion topic: Butterflies Unchained by runesick Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: Reasonable Movement Speed by LemonZest Wiki Link
  5. Discussion topic: Ultrajet - Contreras by Yukichigai Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: Philippes Recipes - Unlock Recipes by Yukichigai Wiki Link
  7. Discussion topic: Ownerless Trash by Yukichigai Wiki Link
  8. Discussion topic: Old School HP Damage Visuals by MadAce Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Nipton Fires Extinguished by qwerty Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: Torches and Shock Spells Ignite Oil by Thurderan Wiki Link
  11. Immersive Patrols SE (by Scrabbulor) Mod Picker Link
  12. Bells of Skyrim (by Vermunds) Mod Picker
  13. Discussion topic: YOT - Your Own Thoughts - First Person Messages by Tooplex Mod Picker Link
  14. Discussion topic: To Your Face SE and VR by sfts Mod Picker Link
  15. Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (Formerly Complete Fast Travel Overhaul) (by Kinaga) Mod Picker Link
  16. Discussion topic: Speed and Reach Fixes by GodlySandwich Requires zEdit
  17. Discussion topic: Go On Ahead by NorthHare Wiki Link Adds an option to send followers ahead to the town you're going to and wait for you in the tavern, so you can pick flowers and catch butterflies along the way without them judging you. I'm down for it. Whatchuthink?
  18. Sorry, I had the good sense to re-read the ENB's page for a fifth time and discovered that CoT and K ENB are incompatible. Sorry for making a pointless topic. :(
  19. Oblivion - Enhanced Camera is a camera mod that updates the first person view so that the body is visible. There is a config file that can change a few aspects of how the first person camera behaves. Requirements OBSE There are similar mods for Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3 This mod is already included in Mythic Dawn: Gateway to Oblivion WIP
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