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  1. Discussion topic: First Person Messages by rustedmill Wiki Link Simple little mod that changes all the in-game messages from 2nd person to 1st person.
  2. Discussion topic: Immersive Equipment Displays by slavicpotato1 Wiki Link Display unequipped gear and custom items on the player or NPCs. Works with any item with no additional meshes required. Does not use body slots. SKSE64 plugin. Custom in-game user interface for configuring everything in real-time while you're playing. Includes a flexible positioning system for both equipped and unequipped gear. I find this mod extrememly immersive. Pulling weapons and items out of thin air always seemed awkward. Seeing the dragonborn actually carying around their equipment and arsenal adds visual flavor and realism. Optionally can be combined with Simple Dual Sheath for dual wield builds.
  3. Discussion topic: More Rads In the Ass by zebumper Wiki Link Use in conjunction with 360 Movement to get a feature that should have been in the base game anyway. ''"Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter."'' Oh, yeah? Wish granted. With this mod you can tweak the speed at which one accumulates RADs form walking, swimming, wading or just consuming food/drinks. You will glow in the dark (well, not literally). You will die from radiation poisoning.
  4. Discussion topic: Handbottled Water by zebumper Wiki Link
  5. Discussion topic: Fire Hurts NG by Doodlezoid, fenix31415 Wiki Link I always found it odd that the player can stand over a fire and not take on any damage. Is this a mod that STEP could adopt or does it go against the STEP mandate? Looks like it might not work with 1.6.640 yet.
  6. Discussion topic: This Settlement Does Not Need Your Help - BS Defence Redone by Rcoll Wiki Link Because with all the turrets I've set up, there's no way those raiders stand a chance.
  7. Discussion topic: Nuka Cola Swap by DoubleYou Wiki Link Nuka Cola Swap adds more variety to your Nuka Cola looting experience. Adds new empty Nuka Cola bottles for the other Nuka Cola flavors, and redistributes these throughout the game using Base Object Swapper. Swaps all full Nuka Cola bottles randomly with all the other flavors in a reasonably balanced manner using Base Object Swapper. The leveled list for Nuka Cola vending machines now has the Nuka World flavors and empty bottles added in a reasonably balanced way. You are more likely to find empty bottles, so that offsets the higher spec Nuka World flavors very well.
  8. Discussion topic: Diamond City Auto Close Gate by Three-Socks Wiki Link When you first visit Diamond City, the gate is shut. Ever after that, the gate is wide open. This mod makes you have to reactivate it for the gate to reopen, since it doesn't make sense for them to leave it open all the time with all the super mutants and raiders about.
  9. Discussion topic: No Legendary Items From Creatures by Moonracer Wiki Link I have used this mod for awhile, and it really helps as creatures no longer drop legendary items that don't make sense for them to have. Test this against Legendaries They Can Use.
  10. Discussion topic: Legendaries They Can Use by WhiskyTangoFox Wiki Link This mod changes the legendary script to be more realistic. Instead of adding a legendary item to legendary enemies, it takes an existing piece of armor or weapon and adds a legendary effect to it. Test this against No Legendary Items From Creatures, as the latter is probably unnecessary with this mod.
  11. Discussion topic: Climbable Ladders for Settlements by neeher Wiki Link So often in settlements, you need to go up so you can build something up high. Say, place a turret on the roof so it is at a higher vantage point and more effective. Typically, you would have to build Stairs. Lots of stairs. Even some stairs that should never hold up, as they're unsupported by anything, but you just need to get up there. I feel like this mod may remedy this issue in a lore-friendly way that fits within the mandate.
  12. Discussion topic: Scrapping Machine by pra Wiki Link This adds a scrapping machine that can be built and powered at settlement to turn junk into components. You can either fill it with items you want to scrap into components, or you can configure it to turn all your existing junk in your workbench into components.
  13. Discussion topic: Everyone's Best Friend by Valdacil Wiki Link Skyrim allows you to have a dog and a companion. Fallout 4 doesn't allow you to have Dogmeat (your dog) and a companion. This mod fixes this. There is evidence that Dogmeat was intended to always be your companion, as explained on this mod page, but Bethesda changed their mind. In the main quest, at a certain point, you use Dogmeat as an essential part of a quest, and it doesn't make any sense with the given game dialog for him NOT to be your companion at that point in time.
  14. Discussion topic: Handmade Turrets by Ruinedworld Wiki Link Adds several more kinds of turrets, generally lower powered, which are useful at the beginning of the game if you're lacking in components, and they fit right into the game very well.
  15. Discussion topic: Workshop Rearranged by d81 Wiki Link This mod adds a lot of fixes and additional items to the Workshop. Doesn't appear to have any relevant patches for our current list. Activator \ 0500251F <DLC06Vault_Sink_01Activator> should forward the UFO4P fix, but is otherwise compatible. Conflicts with FO4LODGen will need to be patched. Conflict with FOLODIP will need to be patched. Conflicts with Optimized Tree LODs (at least in my dev version) will be forwarded in next update, as they are just more specific name changes (e.g., Tree --> Blasted Tree). This should go before Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul Redux.esp and Vault88 Essentials.esp in the load order. Probably should load after FPSL.esp if using FPSL, as that mod contains some wild edits for some Activators.
  16. Discussion topic: Better Jumping SE by meh321 and z65536 Wiki Link Simple mod allowing the player to jump while sprinting. As mod description states latest update added momentum, to keep the effect realistic. I think that jumping while sprinting is adding Immersion and is huge QOL improvement, although it might allow you to reach certain points that you shouldn't be allowed to in vanilla game, so I leave it to discussion.
  17. Discussion topic: Wade In Water Redone by Doodlez Loki Wiki Link Works well in 1.6.640.
  18. Discussion topic: Nuka Cola and Vim Addiction by RedRocketTV Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Touring Carriages SE by DayDreamer Wiki Link Talk on the Convenient Carriages thread reminded me of this great mod. It was fantastic on Legendary edition, and it is still active with last update July of this year. This mod makes traveling by carriage actually allow you to travel in the carriage over the roads. No fade to black and arrive in the city... the carriage actually takes you on a tour to the destination.
  20. Discussion topic: No Lockpick Activate (SKSE) - Updated by lStewieAl/Umgak Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: HR's In-Game Collectible Maps and Display by HigheverRains Wiki Link There are many objects in the game that you may never find without a map of their location. This mod adds in-game maps for specific items in sensible ways at logical locations, which allows you to find the locations without Googling it.
  22. Discussion topic: Dynamic Animal Variants SPID by Dylan James, Bellyache, fadingsignal Wiki Link I remember when we had Automatic Variants, which was a pain to use, so I never really used it. This looks much better, and its using the Bellyache textures too.
  23. Discussion topic: Simplest Horses (and other mounts) by Hackfield Wiki Link This one is even simpler than the competing mods in testing: Convenient Horses Simple Horse SE Accepted for version 2.0.0 to replace Convenient Horses.
  24. Discussion topic: Vertibird Jump by registrator2000 Wiki Link Allows you to jump out of vertibirds.
  25. Discussion topic: Vault 81 Close Door by Three-Socks Wiki Link When you first visit Vault 81, the door is shut, and you open it with your pip-boy. Ever after that, the door is always opened, despite all the trouble you went through to convince them to open the door for you. This mod fixes that they close the door after you leave, and you have to reopen it again.
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