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  1. Does this has any alternatives? Because this has bunch of HITME FormIDs and over on the xEdit discord they said if a mod has HITME it should be removed from load order.
  2. I think I wasn't being clear so you got me wrong, sorry about that. I am not looking to solve this in xEdit, I want to solve this in CK because I've learned that I couldn't patch this with xEdit and have to use CK. Even if I went ahead create a patch in xEdit I should be finalizing the navmesh in CK. Right now I am watching CK tutorials about navmesh in order to understand how it works and adventually make a patch for myself. The thing is I'd like to know if there is any good source about this because I am getting pretty confused about this.
  3. Hi, I have been doing The Method and I've come across many navmesh conflicts. Some delete triangles some add more, some add edges some removes them, some of them adds water some of them removes the water and I am really, really lost on this subject. I've been chatting on xEdit discord about this but while I've inspected various sources I only got more confused. So I am simply asking for you to point me to a direction to learn and handle this navmesh thing. Thank you.
  4. Does any mod requiring RDO works with RDO Lite?
  5. Thanks I'll look into these when I have the time.
  6. Hey man, what about conditions? I feel like I should not forward all of them but I don't really know and google doesn't really show up much about conditions. I've forwarded some conditions on previous mods like Marriage Mod and Multiple Adoption and Improved Adoptions mods by choosing which one I want but here Immersive Citizens is winning the conflict and USSEP change is being reverted. Is there a way to know if this is intentional or not?
  7. I can filter those issues manually, I am aware of the system that much but there is things that are not clear like CCOR removes Amethyst and adds Gem Garnet then CACO adds Amethyst and I don't know if it should. While I can't see anywhere the Amethyst in the CCOR column the other things are the same item as different levels. See the example:
  8. Oh I thought just mashing them all in one would not work alright I'm at it then thanks!
  9. What do I do about leveled item conflicts? Do I skip them by creating mod groups then use wyre bash to create a bashed patch?
  10. Ahh thanks for the clarification, really appreciate it.
  11. Is that a console command in game? Hmm I see but the thing is I've patched quite much mods and I've never sorted with LOOT until this point, I haven't really thought about LOOT but when I sort with LOOT now everything conflicts like I haven't even patched anything. I want to test the game right now but in STEP Guide 1.0.0 says I need to sort with LOOT before generating LOD, so do I have to sort with LOOT now? Should I load "SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm" early on my load order and that'll do the job? I really wouldn't want to delete my changes but I can't really sort with LOOT now and I wouldn't like to start this The Method from the beginning.
  12. I am applying "The Method" and it seems to go on pretty well, I am not seeing any conflicts so far but of course that doesn't mean there isn't any problem but I think this is better than before. For instance: I have Elemental Staffs mod and it was just reverting the name changes made by WACCF, it is not something of a big deal but the method provides a good way to deal with even the little things. I liked it although in some places I am not really sure if a change is good or bad. I have Better Dynamic Ashes but it's position data was getting changed by SMIM different than the vanilla and the Better Dynamic Ashes(BDA) was using the vanilla values except the "Z" dimension. So I've patched it by getting "X" and "Y" values from SMIM and "Z" values from BDA but as I said I am not really sure if it is good or not, I'd like to see if it worked out but I don't even know where that place is to be honest.
  13. Thank you for your valuable answer, I'll try the methods and report back.
  14. Hi everyone, I am trying to create a merged patch form my game but the SSEdit seems to dislike my mod count and gives me this error. I've been researching for quite a while and I am pretty confused and overwhelmed so I feel like I needed to ask this to more experienced people. There is a loverslab post that says something like creating 2 merged patches? I didn't really understood what was trying to be told so I didn't actually do it. I don't know if we're allowed to link loverslab so I am not linking the post at the moment. Also some say smashed patches are far more superior to the merged and bashed patches which yet I have no idea and even how to compare these with each other and I see the Mator Smash is on LE which I don't know if it is usable in SSE so I hesitate on that. I'd like your opinions and advise if possible. I've created my ultimate version of modded Skyrim but of course I need this merge patch to get me started on resolving conflicts so I can dive in to the manual fixing phase and forward the needed/preferred records. I've created few patches before for SkyTEST, Animal Tweaks, NARC and Faction Fixes Vanilla to work together but I don't really know about merged patches. I'll create a merged patched then create a bashed patch with Wyre, if I can solve this issue that is.
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