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Thundering Shouts (by greentea101)


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On 2/13/2014 at 2:40 PM, varrgas said:

do we must instal normal version or loose ? and if we took the Loose, do we need the ESP from the main files ? there is nothing in the main page on nexus about this, and there is no ESP in the Loose file.

This would still seem a valid question comparing it with the rest of the STEP instructions. Currently there are no instructions. Is STEP advising main or loose file for this mod. And main file or normal pitch version? Thanks for the feedback/update on this one.

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I suspect there may be some confusion here. If you are using the Step SkyrimLE 3.0.0 guide, the instructions state to install the Thundering Shouts - Loose Files optional file.

If you are following the SkyrimSE 1.0.0 guide, install the Thundering Shouts main file and you should be posting in the Skyrim SE mod topic instead of this one.

DoubleYou: The Thundering Shouts SE wiki page is missing the detailed instructions for the SkyrimSE 1.0.0 guide. If you look at the wiki page, you'll see the detailed instructions are there but it 's tagged for a future version of the guide by mistake.

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