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Lockpick Inventory Remodel (by born2bkilled)


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  • 1 month later...

SMIM's v1.43 now conflicts with this mods only file. Comparison time?

I don't think a real comparison and screenshots deal is needed here, if read the descriptions for this mod and Smim they do exactly the same thing:


"I got sick of looking at the low poly, low resolution lockpick in my inventory.

so i made this, it uses the breakable model from the lock minigame for the inventory model too."


"SMIM'd the Lockpick clutter item. I just replaced it with a modified version of the high-detail lockpick used for the lockpick minigame. Finally no more utterly atrocious lockpick!"


I'd say it's safe to drop this mode and just use Smim because it comes in the file anyway.

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