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Fallout 3 un-loading assets on its own? Plugin limit reached?

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Hi, first of all I'm new here so excuse me if this is not the right place to post this..


I've been having trouble with this game lately on my new gaming PC.. I have installed a total of 126 plug-ins for Fallout 3 and I can't seem to be able to go higher now because every time I try to load any other plug-in the game loads fine and all the first time I load up the save, fast traveling to another location works too, but trying to come back to the previous location / re loading the save causes some of the meshes, even vanilla ones, to turn into the infamous red exclamation mark, not everything goes un rendered but most of the stuff does, disabling the last plug-in I enabled seems to fix this and apparently it doesnt matter which plugin it is unless they're very small, in that case I can go a bit further but the problem will eventually come back after 3 more tiny plug ins or so...


ArchiveInvalidation is active, and tried resetting it several times, ofcourse..


My load order is attached and I have followed the guide here I have cleaned the DLC and the NavMeshes, and all my Plug-ins , I almost never get CTD's but I still do get from time to time, all my mods are clean (LOOT report says I have only one dirty plug-in and that's RH_Ironsights with only 1 ITM Record that I think its intentional?)


I have enabled both Fallout and Fose_loader exes to use 4GB LAA, and applied the ini tweaks as well (though I had to get rid of them because they seem to make my game stutter a lot and Stutter Remover isn't working for me atm, crashes my game, I still dont get stutters without iNumHWThreads and ThreadedAI fixes, so doesnt bother me)


I remember playing with over 200 mods on my old laptop years ago with a weaker CPU and GPU, so im clueless as to what could be wrong here, maybe Windows 10 UAC messing with Fallout 3's install folder? (though I ended up moving it to D:\Games and it still wouldn't load the assets properly)


My load order isn't LOOT sorted because LOOT gives me a non-working order but it doesn't seem to make a difference with LOOT order, the game still likes to un load assets for no apparent reason.


My PC Specs:


Windows 10 with Fall Update

8GB Ram

Nvidia GTX 970

i5 4440 3.2GHz



so tl;dr I can't play the game with more than 120ish plug ins without stopping loading assets where as I could play perfectly fine with over 200 plugins on an older pc years ago... any help would be appreciated at this point :(




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A large number of your plugins are not ones included in the guide, so many of the forum participants won't have much information on possible problems and solutions. The standard approach for resolving issues like this is to use Mod Organizer to create profiles with portions of the mods, starting with profiles that have only a few mods. Unfortunately if your issue is that everything works fairly well until you increase the number of plugins then it's difficult to debug the problem. For these problems it's best to first remove mods that make large scale changes like FO3 Optimized and then start by using only profiles that have mods that make small changes.

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