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  1. so far what i picked up from Martimius' and my load order is Mirai follower, we both have a lot of dialogue mods we both use medieval lanterns, better dynamic snow, Arthmoor's villages, Archery gameplay overhaul, N follower framework, sexlab amorous adventures and a lot of others, but these stick out for some reason. So froztee if you post your load order, maybe we can get to the bottom of it.
  2. I also am having occasional infinite loading screens. There doesn't seem to be any ryme or reason or common denominator other then playing for a time. It takes a while of playing normally, though I just had one that was rather earlier then the usual. 1/2 an hour as opposed to the normal, of over 2 hours of play. Only a level 5 character. I also don't believe it is texture/mesh related. I have a fairly heavily modded game, probably around 350 or more esps merged to 215 there-abouts I also am running dyndolod. I find it happens mostly on cell changes though not always. The not always ones are fairly rare though. I will expand my load order and post it here in a spoiler tag in case someone is working on this and it is helpful. I just thought I would contribute to the conversation. Well I guess the count is actually 436 esps. If there does seem to be some weirdness to the load order such as a patch being above it's master, that is probably an expanded merge. I couldn't order the merges after expanding them without a crapload of extra work, but I did put them just above the merged esp in the load order. I don't believe i have a lot of heavily scripted mods. No needs or frostfall types.
  3. Just a heads up that xedit version 4.0.3, all versions can cause dlcs to not render properly after cleaning. As far as I know this is FO3 specific. I talked to the guys on the Xedit discord and there is a workaround, but i would recommendt people stick to 4.0.2 for now just for simplicity's sake.
  4. This is cleaned using 4.1.3b, I'll try with 4.0.3b as well) [4:15 PM] Shush Kerber, was too lazy to convert it 1 [4:19 PM] Same thing happens with 4.0.3b [4:21 PM] @sattyre Open Anchorage.esm in xEdit, right click it, click Mark Modified, then close to save the file. That will fix it. This was an excerpt from a conversation on the xedit discord and marking it modified worked for me.
  5. There is a definite issue with cleaning the dlc with all versions of xedit 4,0,3. Including the latest version 4.0.3b.
  6. Well I can now confirm that everything is fine with darn. It works as it is supposed to and any troubles are unrelated.
  7. By all means take a look at it. I am having some wierd issues with the ui mods, and I really wouldn't be surprised if one of them is corrupt. And when I say wierd issues, i don't mean in game, but in reinstalling some of the ui mods. They act like they are still open and won't allow me to change the name of them or uninstall them.. I also noticed that they ended up on my C: drive in the appdata folder/local/whatever and sometimes with the zip file i was trying to install.. Like i said weird. I've had a computer for 30 years, only been modding for 3, but I don't ever remember anything acting funky like this. Have fun.
  8. It is not. If you ignore the popup and follow the directions as specified it works. I put a note about it in the directions on the page. There are multiple copies of the start_menu.xml in the ui section. All the Jip files have them as well as Darn, but they should be overwritten by the last one in DarnUI Support for FWE. At least that is my understanding.
  9. Talk on the Xedit Discord: There are rendering issues with version 4.0.3 of Xedit. These where not present in v4.0.2 and have been eliminated in version 4.0.3b anyone with those versions may need to verify the integrity of their files and reclean. Unfortunately, this would also require refixing navmesh if you haven't saved an uncleaned version of the DLCs
  10. is there any new info on this. I am having a really difficult time pinning down the cause of ctds and freezing. For the record, a friend sent me the two esms with the navmesh fixed, but uncleaned, from his own game, and I then cleaned all the DLC in sequence and then did the rest of the modlist. I also unfortunately used Xedit version 4.0.3 to clean them and apparently that version of xedit created some kind of rendering issue with the FO3 DLCs. That last info, i got directly from the XEdit discord. I have upgraded to the still experimental 4.0.3b which doesn't have the issue. This issue didn't exist in Xedit 4.0.2
  11. This is a further Edit to the above. Hiding or deleting does fix the problem, but causes other problems down the road. ie not being able to load a game into an exterior cell. So the real fix in all of this is to redownload and reinstall DarnUI Support for FWE. I am guessing that the xml file in question was corrupt and reinstalling will fix it. this corrects both issue's.
  12. Just thought I would mention that the mod IMPACT now has patches for FWE, WMK, RH ironsights and all the DLCs . https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/20977
  13. Some people also have an issue with a popup that won't go away in game when you hit the esc key. This is caused by DarnUI Support for FWE in the DarnUI Support for FWE, open menu, there is an options folder with a single file: start_menu.xml. It is responsible for the popup that you can't get rid of in the main menu. Hiding it or deleting it fixes the issue.
  14. So I had a lot of trouble installing the initial Darnified UI. Primarily because in following your instructions, I had a window popup that told me the file was corrupt. This window popup is incorrect. Follow the instructions as laid out to the letter, and ignore the windows popup, and everything will work
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