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Plugins with out of order masters



Ready to start a F&LNV play through and want everything as stable as possible. Wyre Flash shows some plugins with out of order masters. Tracked the reason I can't sort them to be that FNVEdit loads esmisfied esp files after all the esm files even though LOOT sorts them properly(I think).


These are the ones I am unable to sort the masters to match LOOT :

NVWillow - Project Nevada Rebalance.esp, Project Nevada - All DLC.esp and FCO - Willow.esp.


There were others with out of order masters I sorted with FNVEdit that I didn't keep track of.


Is there a way to sort these masters equal to LOOT's order? How important is this to stability and proper play?


Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge!

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Open the plugin with xEdit, right click on it, and select "Sort Masters".

Yes that is how I am sorting the masters. But xEdit, even the latest version from the nexus SSE site, loads the ESMisfied ESPs after ALL the ESMs. NOT equal to the load order set by LOOT and used by MO and Wrye Flash when loading. Therefore these master don't get sorted correctly.

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I noticed this topic is getting some views so I wanted to follow up on something I came across in the Project Nevada forum on the Nexus. You see I assumed LOOT was sorting things correctly but in answer to a question from Chanlee265 about these ESM tagged ESPs (aka ESMisfied ESPs) EvilOssie states this:


"They're tagged like that to add extra functionality to the .esp. Those should go at the very bottom of your .esm list/very top of the .esp list. You might have to hand-place them...in my game, LOOT has problems sorting those correctly." he then adds "You may find other mods with tagged .esp's (Willow's is like that, for example). Treat them the same way when sorting your list."


After reinstalling the User Interface section, Willow and FCO(wasn't sure what masters I might have sorted before), I followed his advice, which matches xEdit's loading order. There were then three plugins that needed masters sorted: Project Nevada - Rebalance Complete.esp, Project Nevada - Cyberware Additions.esp, Project Nevada - All DLC.esp. Sorted these masters quickly using TechAngel85's answer above. No more orange check boxes in Wrye Flash!


Still not sure how out of order masters effects stability and gameplay but these tools wouldn't have these functions just because they can. Fear & Loathing could probably use a note about this. Unless I missed it of course.


I want to thank everyone in the S.T.E.P community for their time, effort and knowledge so freely shared!

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Out of order masters shouldnt have any I'll effects. Well, at least I have yet to come across any data to suggest that there is actually an issue.

The plugin don't care about load order, it was designed to have its own virtual load order.

I think this stems the oblivion days.

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